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A Carefully-Worded Statement About Today’s Election
Fuckety fucking fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck
Trump Says There Would Be Less Voter Fraud If America Got Rid Of Elections
"Voter fraud is a stain on democracy that can only be fixed by eradicating elections"
Republican Officials Help Speed Up Voting Process By Pre-Filling In ‘Trump’ On Ballots
"The last thing we want is for someone to miss out on exercising their democratic right"
We Sent A Reporter To The Future To Find Out Who Wins The US Election
It's Trump, sorry. But it may not be as bad as you think. Read our reporter's account of the first year of Trump's second term.
Iraq Sends Independent Observers To Monitor US Election
"The country is besieged by corruption, civil unrest and violence. We want to help bring democracy to this struggling nation".
US Election: Toddler Who Lined Up At Polling Place With Parents Now Old Enough To Vote
A toddler who has been waiting in a polling place line with her parents in Georgia is now old enough to vote, it has been revealed
Only 1% Of Americans Think Voter Suppression Is An Issue, Republican-Run Poll Requiring 3 Forms Of Identification Finds
The poll, requiring three forms of identification and proof of Republican membership, was held in the lobby of the Goldman Sachs building.
Constitutional Experts Reassure Voters That Corporations Will Continue To Run America In Event Of Candidate Dying
With concerns about the age of both candidates, experts have reassured voters that the nation’s largest corporations will continue to run the country, even in the event of an unexpected health scare
Man Lines Up For 11 Hours For Chance To Vote In Greatest Democracy On Earth
"You can’t do that in Europe"
Trump: “I Understand What It’s Like To Be An Ordinary American With Access To Free Healthcare”
"I know what it's like to have nothing more than a team of specialist doctors, a private hospital wing and the latest medications"
Atmosphere At Trump Rally Described As ‘Infectious’
“What a show! It took my breath away. As in, I’m literally struggling to breathe right now".
Trump Rushes Back To White House To Immediately Get On With Ignoring Covid
"There's no time to waste"
Trump May Not Be In A Condition To Govern, 4-Year Study Shows
"He has been unresponsive to those around him since January 2017".
Trump Hospitalised After Testing Positive For Racism, Sexism, Bullying And Pathological Lying
“He has been showing signs for many, many years"
Trump’s Medical Treatment To Be Capped At $750
"The last thing Donald Trump would want is to be a drain on the system"