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Prince Andrew Says He Can’t Talk To FBI Due To Rare Vocal Cord Disorder
Prince Andrew has used a series of hand-written signs to reveal that he has a rare vocal cord condition which
Sex Is Only For Heterosexual Couples, Says Man Wearing GORGEOUS Gold Hat
An English man wearing a stunning yellow and gold striped dress, delightfully accessorised with a striking gold and emerald green
Woman Weirdly Decides To Quit Job That Requires Her To Take Shit From Media 24/7
An American woman has made the baffling decision to resign from a job that gives her the unique opportunity to
Man Without Job To Step Back From Job
A British man who doesn’t have a job will be taking a break, it has been confirmed
Queen Announces She Is Also Leaving Royal Family
The Queen says she’s done, and will leave the Royal Family by the end of the week
Prince Harry Has Set Up A Freelance Ribbon-Cutting Business On Airtasker
The Duke of Sussex is available for all of your ribbon cutting needs, it has been revealed
Trump Voters Celebrate, As News Breaks Of Hillary Clinton’s Impeachment 
Trump supporters across America are celebrating tonight, after news of Hillary Clinton’s impeachment quickly spread
Energy Wasted Getting Angry At Greta Thunberg Spikes To Alarming New Levels
The amount of energy used by people pointlessly losing their minds over a 16 year-old Swedish girl has hit new
BREAKING: Russia Cleared To Compete In 2020 US Elections
Defending champions Russia will be allowed to take part in next year’s presidential election as normal, it has been confirmed
Trump turkey
Trump Pardons Turkey, And Other Authoritarian Nations, At Annual Thanksgiving Ceremony
prince andrew
Prince Andrew Says Photo Of Him With Hand Around 17 Year-Old Is Doctored “I Actually Didn’t Have Hands At The Time”
Prince Andrew has responded to ongoing questions about a photo of him with a 17 year old Virginia Roberts, saying
Doubts Emerge Over Whether Trump Was Actually In Tunnel, Pulled Trigger When Al-Baghdadi Died
Doubts have begun to emerge about Donald Trump’s claim that he personally chased ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a
Trump Steaks Wins $50 Billion Contract To Supply US Airforce With Warplanes
In a surprise decision, a White House-led government panel has chosen failed food manufacturer Trump Steaks to produce 80 high-tech
Trump Accuses Democrat Debate Of Blatant Bias For Not Including A Single Republican
Donald Trump has unleashed a Twitter tirade, accusing the media of bias for not showing a single Republican candidate on
Work Begins On New Trump Hotel
Preparation work has begun on a glittering new Trump hotel in north-eastern Syria, with the final building likely to be