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Public Unsure How Boris Johnson Will Manage Dual Roles Of PM And Being A Father
As Boris Johnson announced the birth of his new baby today, many have been left wondering how he will balance
BREAKING: Kim Jong-Un’s Doctor Has Died After ‘Complications’ Relating To Surgery
Kim Jong-Un’s doctor has not survived Kim Jong-Un’s heart surgery, sources say
New Poll Shows Majority Of People Who Voted For Trump Were Being Sarcastic
A new Gallup poll has revealed that a staggering 96 percent of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the
Trump’s Suggestion To Inject Disinfectant Falls Flat After Supporters Forced To Contend With Childproof Cap
Donald Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectant could cure COVID-19 has not led to mass poisoning as first feared, with Trump’s
American Protesters Declare Their 1st Amendment Right To Be Fucking Idiots
Thousands of protesters have gathered in cities across America to remind lawmakers that it is their God given right to
Trump’s Name To Be Added To Coronavirus Gravestones
The production of tens of thousands of gravestones in America has been held up after it was decided that Donald
“Go On, Off You Fuck”, Queen Tells Coronavirus
Covid-19 can go and eat a bag of dicks, the Queen has said in a rare speech to the nation
China Begins To Lift Coronavirus Restrictions: Citizens Free To Go Back To Doing Whatever Government Tells Them
In the first sign of a return to normality, Chinese Officials have begun to lift strict coronavirus-related restrictions and returned
“America Is The Best At Coronavirus, It’s Incredible!”
“America is winning at coronavirus, it’s incredible,” the President has confirmed
“We’re Going To Beat Coronavirus By Easter” Trump Tells Heaving, Jam-Packed Rally
Two thousand Trump supporters have squeezed into a local basketball stadium to hear the President reassure them that they’ll have
Prince Charles Confident He Can Continue To Do Nothing Via Video Conferencing
Prince Charles, who has tested positive for COVID-19 and has announced he will work from home for the next 14
Mexico Asks Trump To Hurry Up And Build The Fucking Wall 
Mexico says it wants the wall on the US-Mexico border completed by the end of the week
2020 Cancelled: Read the full statement
2020 will no longer go ahead, it has been confirmed
World Relieved That Level-Headed, Compassionate Leader In Charge During Biggest Crisis In A Generation
The world has breathed a sigh of relief after remembering that the man charged with leading the earth’s most powerful
Trump Says He Will Travel To Coronavirus Soon To Help Out With Crisis There
US President Donald Trump says the US is willing to provide whatever support the people of Coronavirus need to help