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United States tests positive for Barnaby Joyce
"The ‘Barnicron’ variant is believed to be more mutant than previous strains"
Dutton declares war on China in 2040
"As soon as we have our submarines, you’re fucked”
Australia to build $5 billion clay shooting club in Paris, in effort to mend relationship with France
"It's a proven way to cement a relationship"
America – please help liberate Australia. Donate now!
Just $100 can buy us a nice brunch for four at our local café
“Australia is a police state” says country where police are 17 times more likely to murder civilians
"Police murdering people is so common, each month needs its own Wikipedia entry"
“This Is Our Last Chance To Save The Environment!” Prince Charles Shouts From Turret Of Royal Palace
‘Hear Ye! Hear Ye!’
Americans Mark Their 700,000th COVID Death With ‘Save Australia’ Rally
“We want to save you from your nightmare"
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Reminds Nation That Shortage Crisis Is “100% Made In Britain”, In Patriotic Speech
“This is British designed, British made, using 100% British ingredients!”
PM Unveils Major $90 Billion Distraction
"This will help secure the lead stories of the nation’s media for days to come"
Biden Comforts Terrified Defence Contractors: “There’ll Be Another War Soon”
“There, there buddy. We’ll be launching another pointless 20-year war in no time”
‘Vaccine Swap’: Singapore Furious To Discover They Will Be ‘First In Line’ To Receive Pfizer Doses From Australia
The clause means Singapore won't receive the return doses until
China Desperate To Lose War In Afghanistan To Prove Superpower Status
“We are the equal of other modern superpowers on all measures but one"
New Evidence Suggests COVID Vaccine May Have Originated In A Lab
"It was intentionally released, conspiracy groups claim"
20-Year Afghanistan Conflict Solved In 3 Minutes By Guy On Twitter
“Just go in there, shoot the Taliban guys and then whoever wants to stay can stay"
‘Question Everything’ Says Man Who Believes Absolutely Anything
"You sheeple will believe anything that is fed to you"


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