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PM says unvaxxed Australians deserve to be treated with the respect they refuse to show others
"These rules are unfairly inhibiting the most selfish in our society"
The 2021 Shovel Annual
The 2021 Shovel Annual is here, Christian Porter is on the cover and he’s been kind enough to write an article
Perrottet Confirms Scott Morrison Will Represent Australia At COP26 Climate Talks
He is waiting for final approval from the National Party.
The ‘Treat’ Announced For Vaccinated NSW People Is Pretty Underwhelming, But At Least It’s Better Than $300
"$300 directly into my bank account would've been insulting"
Morrison Responds To Melbourne Outbreak By Announcing Plans For Dedicated New Chicken Coop
"What Victorians need right now is a series of Instagram posts of their Prime Minister cosplaying as a handyman"
Andrew Bolt: 7 Reasons Why The Desk’s Claim That It Was Masturbated On Should Be Questioned
"Why didn’t the desk report this at the time of the incident?"
Government Strikes Deal With Facebook To Restore News. Also Facebook Now Owns Tasmania.
Treasurer and master negotiator Josh Frydenberg has come to an agreement with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to return news to
A Statement From The Shovel About Being Banned From Facebook
You may have heard that articles from The Shovel and a whole host of other outlets have been banned from
Scott Morrison’s 10 tips for avoiding awkward questions from your family this Christmas
Don't want to tell your Mum why you haven't got a boyfriend yet? Sick of answering questions about when you're going to get a real job? Prefer not to delve into 'what you've been up to' this year
Scott Morrison Too Busy To Congratulate Joe Biden On Election Win
“I don’t hold a phone mate. Not when I’ve got a compound mitre saw in one hand and a nail gun in the other”
Westpac To Pay $1.3 Billion Money Laundering Fine Using Unmarked 100 dollar Notes
"Meet us at the bus stop near Martin Place at 9pm tomorrow night. No weapons”
Nation Totally Unsurprised That ‘Finance Guru’ Who Drives A Porsche And Is Called Dick Pusey Is A Fuckwit
The chances of a Porsche-driving mortgage broker who is named after genitalia not being a total arsehole is zero, the
20% Of Nation’s Elbows Have Coronavirus, Experts Confirm
One in five elbows have COVID-19, it has been confirmed
People Are Panic-Buying Shovel Memberships And If You Don’t Buy One Now You Might Miss Out!
Hello Shovel reader, You’ve probably heard by now that there’s been a huge rush on Shovel memberships over the last
Crossword #6 – Toilet Paper Armageddon
Just like the Times Crossword, but with more questions about dunny paper. You can play our other crosswords here. We choose


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