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sonia kruger
Sonia Kruger Calls For Wall Between Australia and Mexico
Following her appeal for Muslim immigration to be banned, television personality Sonia Kruger has called for a wall to be
Awkward! Shorten Accidentally Likes Turnbull’s Instagram Photo From A Year Ago
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was today left red-faced after accidentally liking one of Malcolm Turnbull’s Instagram photos from more than
John Howard spray tan
John Howard Says His Decision To Get Spray Tan Was Based On Best Information Available At The Time
Former Prime Minister John Howard addressed the media today telling reporters he does not regret his decision to paint his
Britain’s ‘Leave’ Voters Cleverly Deter Migrants By Destroying Economy
Migration laws will no longer need to change under an independent Britain, because no-one will want to go there to
WATCH: Draconian New Gun Laws Require Americans To Count To 10 Before Buying Firearms
There are fears America is turning into a nanny state after President Obama announced sweeping changes to gun laws that
old enough to vote
Children Born At Start Of Election Campaign Now Old Enough To Vote
Thousands of boys and girls who were born back when Malcolm Turnbull first called the election are now all grown
Process To Find Two Most Despised People In US Finally Complete
After almost four months of vetting and voting, Americans have successfully narrowed down their entire population to the two citizens
Malcolm Turnbull’s Ultimate Transport Makeover
Malcolm Turnbull's corporate jet has undergone a transformation into the ultimate commuter vehicle
Australia Only Has One Real Choice This Election, Tony Abbott
The voters only have one real option when they head to the polls this election day, argues Andrew Bolt. The real race is to decide between Tony Abbott, and Tony Abbott
richard di natale
Greens New ‘Cleaner Energy’ Plan To Harness Energy Of Household Cleaners & Nannies
Greens leader Richard Di Natale today unveiled his party’s Cleaner Energy plan, a $35m incentive scheme to encourage household cleaners and
peter dutton satire
Illiterate Man Takes Australian Job
A man who can hardly string a sentence together let alone read, has secured one of the top jobs in
turnbull and morrison jobs
10,000 New Job Slogans Created Last Month
New figures show the Turnbull Government is delivering on its promise of getting more jobs into soundbites, with over three hundred job slogans
facebook memories
New ‘Facebook Memories’ Reminds You What You Did Yesterday
Labelling it a ‘trip down memory lane’, social networking site Facebook today launched a new feature that will remind users
malcolm turnbull house tips
Malcolm Turnbull’s 5 Tips For Owning Your Own Home
It seems like breaking into the property market is tougher than ever. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes the Australian
BBQ Shapes
OUTRAGE: Nothing in Budget For Australians Affected By Change To Arnott’s Shapes Recipe
This year’s budget has done absolutely nothing to compensate the millions of regular Australians affected by Arnott’s decision to change the