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OPINION: Scott Morrison Has Chosen An Odd Year To Take Off
Running the country hasn’t grabbed Morrison’s attention in the same way that, say, using a sexist trope to name a group of chickens has
World Breathes Sigh Of Relief After Only 48% Of Americans Vote For Corrupt, Racist Sociopath
"It’s comforting that only around 1 in every 2 people want to be led by a crime family"
Off You Fuck
What’s that? Can’t hear you over the all the tears
Claims Of Fraud At Australian Election After Man Tricked Into Buying Vegan Sausage
“My order was tampered with. I asked for pork, I got jackfruit"
American Protesters Take To The Streets To Demand Less Democracy
"It’s time to ensure our voices are no longer heard”
Iraq Sends Independent Observers To Monitor US Election
"The country is besieged by corruption, civil unrest and violence. We want to help bring democracy to this struggling nation".
Trick-Or-Treater To Dress Up As ‘Marginal Liberal Electorate’ In Order To Get Bigger Handouts
"Going as a skeleton isn't going to net you the cash required to upgrade your lawn bowls club is it?"
News Corp Folds After Running Out Of Things To Criticise Victoria About
"Without 89 think pieces shitting on Victorians, we didn’t really have any content”
Morrison Praises Efforts Of Victorians, Saying They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Him
"I dropped everything so I could start building a cubby house for the kids"
Morrison Drops Investigation Into Aus Post CEO After She Agrees To Gift $1 Million To Mosman Rowing Club Instead
“The helicopter pad is in need of repair and the chesterfields need reupholstering"
Man Lines Up For 11 Hours For Chance To Vote In Greatest Democracy On Earth
"You can’t do that in Europe"
Atmosphere At Trump Rally Described As ‘Infectious’
“What a show! It took my breath away. As in, I’m literally struggling to breathe right now".
Understanding Government Spending In Australia
There’s been a bit of confusion lately about the difference between a government surplus and a government deficit, and how that relates to good economic management in Australia. This simple economics lesson from The Shovel explains how it works
Trump Hospitalised After Testing Positive For Racism, Sexism, Bullying And Pathological Lying
“He has been showing signs for many, many years"
The Policy Announcements You May Have Missed From The First Presidential Debate
COVID-19: Trump unveiled a new policy to shut down the coronavirus by relentlessly talking over the top of it