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Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull’s Self Approval Rating Steady At 100%
Polling released today shows that the Prime Minister’s opinion of himself hasn’t changed over the past month
Melbourne Café’s ‘Deconstructed Cheesecake’ Now Just A List Of Ingredients And A Coles Voucher
A café in Melbourne’s inner north has ‘reimagined’ the cheesecake, serving up a supermarket voucher and a list of ingredients
bowling green massacre
Moving New Memorial Lists Names Of All Bowling Green Massacre Victims
US President Donald Trump today unveiled a poignant new memorial in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a lasting tribute to all zero people
People Pursued By Centrelink Advised To Become Multi-National Companies
Becoming a large international corporation is the simplest way to avoid paying the money you owe the Government, it has
jesus birthday
Jesus Asks God if He Can Shift His Birthday Celebrations To July To Avoid Clash With Christmas
Saying it was unfair to be lumped with a birthday that falls so close to Christmas – or in his
We Analysed Donald Trump’s And Adolf Hitler’s Tweets – The Similarities Will Shock You
Many comparisons have been made between America’s President-elect and the German Nazi leader. Most have been dismissed as sensationalist, misleading,
melbourne development
Melbourne To Be Completely Rebuilt After Being Accidentally Destroyed By Developers
The city of Melbourne will be rebuilt piece by piece after an embarrassing blunder that saw the entire city ruined
Sam Dastyari satire
“I Am In No Way Influenced By Foreign Funding,” Chinese Government Tells Sam Dastyari To Say
“I make my own decisions, with absolutely no influence from anyone else,” a leaked set of notes compiled for Sam Dastyari
trump convention
US One Step Closer To Electing First Child President
In another historic milestone, the US Republican Party have nominated Donald Trump as their Presidential candidate, putting the 70 year-old little
sonia kruger
Sonia Kruger Calls For Wall Between Australia and Mexico
Following her appeal for Muslim immigration to be banned, television personality Sonia Kruger has called for a wall to be
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull Talks Up Smaller, More Agile Coalition
A leaner, more streamlined Coalition in the upper and lower houses will be able to more effectively compete in the fast-paced
“At Last, We Got Rid Of That Feral Senate”: Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull has comforted colleagues reeling from a closer-than-expected election, saying that at least the problem of the unworkable, obstructionist
Australia Only Has One Real Choice This Election, Tony Abbott
The voters only have one real option when they head to the polls this election day, argues Andrew Bolt. The real race is to decide between Tony Abbott, and Tony Abbott
COMMENT: Johnny Depp’s Claim About Barnaby Joyce And Tomatoes Is Unfair On Tomatoes
Comparing a harmless salad item to the Deputy Prime Minister – as actor Johnny Depp did last night – is both
Obama Demands Trump Release Certificate Proving He Was Born With A Frontal Lobe
Saying the American people deserved to know the truth, US President Barack Obama made calls today for Republican frontrunner Donald