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avocado home millenial
This Millenial Turned An Avocado Into A One-Bedroom Apartment And Now Has A Mortgage Of Just $18
Meet Daniel Jacobson, the 25 year-old engineering graduate who turned a plate of smashed avocado on toast into a cosy
trump crisis
Out Of Touch Guy At Work Still Talking About Trump Crisis From Yesterday
58 year-old James Ronsworth was this morning still talking about yesterday’s Trump crisis as if it was the most recent
latte art
Job Fears For 90% Of Millennials After Latte-Art Robot Invented  
The vast majority of people under the age of 30 are at risk of losing their job, after a scientist
pie thrower
Man Who Threw Pie At Alan Joyce Sentenced To 24 Hours On A Jetstar Flight
The man who smashed a cream pie into Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s face has been ordered to spend an entire day in Jetstar
Phrase ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’ Insensitive To Mad People, Committee Finds
The often-used term ‘political correctness gone mad’ should be changed to ‘political correctness that has become anxious or psychologically distressed’,
bullshit diet
“She Quit Her Job, Now This #GirlBoss Makes $23 a Fortnight”
“If you can’t eat it, don’t wear it”. That’s the motto of plucky local woman Joyce Chambers, who gave up
easter eggs
Stuffing Our Fat Faces With Chocolate Is What Jesus Would Have Wanted, Nation Agrees
Frantically ripping off silver foil and cramming a kilo of chocolate into our grubby little mouths is the best way
census 2016
Both People Who Filled Out Census Were 38 Year-Old Women, ABS Confirms
The two women who managed to get onto the census website before it crashed were 38 year old mothers of
Derelict Sydney Townhouse Listed For $1.5 Million, In Amusing April Fools Day Prank
A run-down two-bedroom flat without a toilet is asking $1.5 million, it has been revealed
farmers market
Farmers’ Markets Actually Just Shitter Versions Of Normal Markets, Experts Confirm
The farmers’ market at the local high school oval near your place is just like a normal market, but worse,
How To Avoid Being Lured In By Clickbait With This One Simple Trick
Melbourne Café’s ‘Deconstructed Cheesecake’ Now Just A List Of Ingredients And A Coles Voucher
A café in Melbourne’s inner north has ‘reimagined’ the cheesecake, serving up a supermarket voucher and a list of ingredients
santa claus birthday
Increasing Number Of Children Don’t Even Realise Christmas Is Santa’s Birthday Anymore
A growing number of young people have forgotten – or never knew – that the 25th of December commemorates the
‘Cosy, Light-Filled’ Sydney Parking Space Expecting $1 Million Plus, Agents Say
A delightful underground parking spot at a Potts Point apartment complex would make a great first home and an exciting
Australia Falls 4 Places – From 18th to 28th – In International Maths Rankings
In a wake-up call for the nation’s educators, Australia has plummeted on the international maths rankings tables for students, falling to