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Wanker Announces Plans To Reverse Into Shopping Centre Parking Space 
A man at a local shopping centre car park has let it be known that he will be spending the
Pack-A-Day Smoker Moves To Sydney, Saves $210 A Week .
Brisbane man Terry McManus says he has no need to buy cigarettes any more, given he can smoke in Sydney
542 Signs You May Be A Perfectionist
Halloween: This Kid Is Dressing Up As A Coal Industry Lobbyist In Order To Get Bigger Handouts 
Pre-schooler Jack Fawson has announced that he will be dressing up as coal industry lobbyist this Halloween, in order to
Signing For A Parcel With Your Finger Is Literally Useless, Nation Says
Using your finger to create a wobbly line that looks nothing like your signature is a massive waste of time,
god doesn't care
God Doesn’t Give A Fuck Who Gets Married
The Almighty Father couldn’t give two shits which humans want to sign a piece of paper outlining their commitment to
Man Becomes First Person To Drive 42km In Under 2 Hours In Sydney Traffic
Office worker Darren Lacone has managed to get from one side of Sydney to the other in sub two hours,
Man Takes Break From Looking At Big Screen To Spend Time Looking At Small Screen 
Saying it can get monotonous looking at a big backlit screen all day, Sydney man Brad Knight decided to break
Nation’s Teens Unsure How To Measure Self Worth Now That Instagram Not Showing Likes
Sydney student Lily Maples has been left without any way of determining her value to society, it has emerged
Boomers Awarded Most Annoying Generation. Millennials Furious They Didn’t Get Participation Trophy
An award ceremony for most annoying generation – won by Baby Boomers – has been marred by controversy, after the
Revealed: What Your Choice Of Ice-Cream Flavour Says About You
Man’s Conversation Skills Entirely Reliant On Simpson’s References
Saying it was like that Simpson’s episode where Homer breaks his jaw and can’t speak, a Sydney man has admitted
Link Between Large Headphones And Nagging Sense Of Superiority, Research Finds
People who wear oversized headphones have a far better taste in music than you, it has been revealed
holiday photo
Woman Mistakenly Thinks Friends Give Shit About Her Holiday
In what has been described as a gross misunderstanding, a Brisbane women somehow assumed her friends were interested in seeing
Level Of Confected Outrage ‘Absolutely Sickening’ Online Commenter Says
A woman has labelled as ‘absolutely disgusting’ the amount of contrived outrage that passes for comment these days