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Man On Plane Refuses To Wear Mask Because It Breaches His Human Rights
A passenger on a rapidly depressurising aeroplane has refused to fit himself with a mask, saying it was a contravention
‘No One Tells Me What To Do’ Says Man Who Does Whatever Pete Evans Tells Him To Do
A man who hasn’t vaccinated his children, doesn’t believe in sunscreen and owns a $15,000 Pete Evans BioCharger lamp, says he is a free-thinking individual who will never be dictated to by others
Brighton Woman Happy To Wear Face Mask If It Helps Stem Worrying New Outbreak Of Acne
A woman from Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Brighton says she is more than willing to comply with new face mask
Toddler Takes Just 2.5 Hours To Get Dressed
"We're up and out the door in under 3 hours"
I’m A Little Teapot Song Banned For Body Shaming
“The song is problematic in more ways than one"
Man Who Thinks He Has Imposter Syndrome Actually Just Shit
I’ve risen up the ranks so quickly, and yet I feel like I don’t deserve any of it,” Mason accurately observed
Man Upset That Statue He Never Knew Existed Has Been Pulled Down
Office worker Jim Randle says he is devastated that a statute he became aware of this morning is no longer
‘I never liked Chris Lilley’s stuff anyway’ says man who can recite every line of Summer Heights High
A man who owns the original ‘We Can Be Heroes’ DVD box set and once shared his top ten favourite
Tradie Says Cost To Install New Tap Will Be $25,000
The government has announced a $25,000 HomeBuilder renovation grant and local plumber Josh Reece says it'll cost around twenty-five grand to put in those new taps you bought
Covid-Conscious Protester Stays Home To Loot Online Stores Instead
"We need to send multi-nationals like Amazon and eBay a message too"
Husband Suddenly Realises He’s Been On Mute For Past 8 Years
Frantically fumbling to find a way to turn the sound back on, Sydney man Callum Dawson has only just realised
Smug. Comments. Written. In. Single. Word. Sentences. Are. Fucking. Annoying. Research. Confirms.
Comments. On. Social. Media. That. Are. Written. With. A. Full. Stop. Between. Every. Fucking. Word. Do. Not. Make. You. Sound.
People Looking Forward To Staring At Phone In Groups Again
People around the country are relieved that they will soon be able to meet in groups of up to ten
Only Thing Better Than Getting Breakfast In Bed Is Not Getting Breakfast In Bed, Mothers Confirm
The only thing better than having your young children wake you up with overcooked eggs on cold toast with a
Lazy Mother-Of-Three Hasn’t Used Lockdown To Learn A Second Language Yet
A Melbourne mother hasn’t written a novel or learned Italian yet, it has been revealed.