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Local News

Worker celebrates creation of 8-hour workday by working 12-hour public holiday shift
"It's what Labour Day is all about!"
Man saving up for tank of petrol
"It's the most expensive thing I'll buy this year".
Local grade 3 kid has some RATs if you’re buying?
"You won’t find this shit at Chemist Warehouse"
Inner city Greens voter disgusted Scott Morrison doesn’t know a loaf of bread costs $14
“Next you’ll tell me he doesn’t know a litre of milk costs $11.50"
Boomer disappointed to learn that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell songs have been removed from his records
"Something to do with a bad Rogan josh experience apparently"
Fears many young Australians may never own their own RAT
"A friend of ours inherited a RAT from their parents"
australian flag cape
‘You can’t get more Aussie than this!’ says man wearing flag made in Guangdong Province
"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!"
Anti-vaxxers hold emergency meeting to prepare new excuses, after provisional approval of Novavax
"We're going to need some new conspiracy theories"
Powerball jackpots to 4-pack of RATs
"It is the most sought after prize in the history of Powerball"
Man contracts, then recovers from COVID while waiting in testing line
"By day 14 I was pretty sure I was clear"
‘Supply chain issues’ working out great for dad who forgot to buy kids Christmas presents
"Sorry kiddo, it's out of my control"
Increasing number of children don’t even realise Christmas is Santa’s birthday
"In my day we celebrated the story of Santa's birth"
christmas tree
Weird family puts dead tree in corner of living room
Australia is the drunkest country in the world, finds nosy fuckin survey that’s just asking to get its head kicked in
"Yeah? You wanna go?"
Mum & Dad Bank to keep interest rates steady at 0%
It is the 110th month that the central bank has kept rates unchanged