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dating app
New Dating App Connects You With People Within 1 Metre Radius
A new app called LookUp alerts users to family members and spouses located within 100cm, encouraging them to start a
apple watch
Human Life Now Entirely Taken Up With Checking Things
Humans now have something to do in the dead time between checking their phones and checking their iPad
pete evans paleo
Infants May Not Be Able To Process High Levels Of Bullshit In Pete Evans Diet, Experts Warn
Newborn babies may not be able to properly digest high levels of vitamin A, or the idea that a caveman-era
Anti-Vaccination Campaigners Not About To Just Start Injecting Their Arguments With Facts
A group of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children say their beloved little theories could become sick – or
hipster beard
Not Having A Beard Now More Ironic Than Having A Beard, Hipster Reveals
Taking the time to shave your facial hair is now even more ironic than letting it grow long, it has
christmas tree
Weird Family Puts Dead Tree In Corner Of Living Room
Saying it was ‘tradition’, the Beeker family from Brisbane today put a cut-off piece of dead pine tree in a
Dog owners
Dog Owners Hold Entire Conversation Using Fake Dog Voices
Dog owners Michael Greig and Sally Burbridge conducted an extensive conversation without once using their adult voice when they met
fathers day
Families Gather To Celebrate Power Tools
Families around the country came together today to show their appreciation for hand-held machinery
ice bucket challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge To Finish On Sunday
Humans will pour water over their head for four more days, then get back to regular life and wonder what
People Still Taking Photos Of Food
People are still taking pictures of their half-eaten meals and sending it to their friends, it has emerged
Friends Spend All Night Perfecting Selfie, As Memento Of Amazing Night
Saying “One more, one more!” a group of Sydney friends spent Saturday night getting that perfect shot, so they could
Man Busy Doctoring Result Of ‘Which City Fits Your Personality’ Quiz
Finally getting ‘Berlin’ after his fourth attempt, Sydney man Rob Priest spent the best part of yesterday afternoon reworking an
dogs to be treated as children
Dogs To Be Treated As Children
Dogs are to be treated as if they were toddlers it has emerged
everyone on train knows you're listening to wilson phillips
Everyone On Train Knows You’re Listening To Wilson Phillips
Despite the fact that you’re casually gazing out the window pretending like nothing is out of the ordinary, the entire
charity mugger
Man Who Just Wants One Minute Of Your Time Also Wants Your Credit Card Details, Email Address And A 12 Month Financial Commitment
A nice-looking man who simply wants a quick thirty-second chat, actually also wants the best part of $600 from you