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star wars toy
Unclear If Star Wars Toy For 42 Year-Old Man Or 4 Year-Old Son
There was confusion in the Walsh household today after a Star Wars Figurine Playset was wrapped under the Christmas tree
antivac website
Anti-Vaccination Website Hit By Virus
WATCH: A website which encourages parents not to vaccinate their children was hit by a virus today
husband cuts emissions
Husband Agrees To Halve Emissions By 2020
Local man Callum Matherson has signed up to an ambitious emissions reduction target of 50% by 2020, following the bi-annual
Gertrude Street
First Paleo Toilets To Be Installed In Fitzroy
A range of new Paleo public toilets will be installed in Melbourne’s inner north, allowing devotees to relieve themselves just
sausage cancer
Vaping Sausages May Be Safer, Word Health Organisation Says
Electronic sausages and bacon may assist in the process of quitting, the World Health Organisation said today. 
house prices sydney
House Prices To Fall From ‘Totally Unattainable’ To ‘Slightly Out Of Reach’, Analysts Say
Relief is in sight for first home buyers, with analysts tipping median prices to plummet from ‘No Chance’ to ‘Maybe.
dog best day ever
Today Best Day Ever Since Yesterday, Dog Confirms
Today is the most amazing day in the world ever, local dog Rufus has reported. It comes after yesterday and
Colleague Explaining Training Program For Marathon Gets Second Wind
Just when it seemed like he had run out of things to say about his four-month training regime for the
photo of food
Experts Now Recommend Taking Photos Of 3 Meals A Day
People should try to upload pictures of three balanced meals a day – one in the morning, one in the
Most Australians Now Contestants On A Cooking Show
The majority of Australians spend their evenings competing on a televised cooking program, new figures have revealed
food on board
Food On Wooden Board Same As Food On Plate
Food served on a polished chopping board is identical to food supplied on a plate, it has been revealed
house prices australia
House Prices Set To Skyrocket, Plummet, Flatline, Expert Warns
Australia’s house prices are set to rapidly rise, fall, and stay the same, says Jacob Whittlesee, the financial expert who
check phone
Australians To Use Today’s Leap Second As Valuable Opportunity To Check Phone Again
Australians are reminded to wind their clocks back by one second tonight, when a leap second is added to the
Husband Suspected Of Cheating Can’t Comment On Operational Matters
A Sydney man who was spotted walking into a female colleague’s apartment late on Saturday night has refused to confirm
cafe beard
New ‘Real Café™’ Nespresso Machine Comes With Beard
Billed as “the closest thing to actually being in a café”, the new Nespresso coffee pod machine comes with bushy