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‘You Just Don’t Know What’s Inside The Vaccine’, Says Man Who Eats Meat Pie For Lunch Every Day
"Does anyone know what ingredients they put in there?"
Anti Vaxxer Shocked To Discover He Carries ‘Driving Passport’
"Next thing you know you'll need one to get into a pub"
Man Who Took Ivermectin Put Down
"On the plus side, he was completely worm-free”
Kmart Plate ‘Embarrassed And Remorseful’ After Being Videoed In Same Room As Nadia Bartel
"I can and will do better"
‘Vaccine’ Spells ‘Satan’ When You Rearrange All The Letters And Replace Them With New Ones, Conspiracy Theorist Says
"Wake up! The truth is right in front of you"
Woman Achieves 427-Day Streak Of Not Logging Into Duolingo
"It's become my daily habit"
Anti-Vaxxer Friend Says You Will Be Immediately Convinced After Watching These Sixteen 4-Hour YouTube Videos
"All you need is love. Love and a 500GB per month broadband plan”
Toddler Ready To Be Interviewed On Commercial Radio After Not Shitting His Pants Today
“I didn’t do a poo!”
Sydney Man Has Tips For Melbourne Friends On Getting Through Lockdown
"Take it from someone who's lived through it - you've got this"
‘Do I Need To Wear A Mask While Doing Lines Of Coke?’ And 9 Other Questions From Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs
#4 Density limits: "How many litres of lip filler can I have per square centimetre?"
Boomer Angry About Young People Jumping Queue For Vaccine He Didn’t Want
"I'm furious"
New $25k Home Buyers Grant Allows Sydney Couple To Put Deposit On Dream Car Parking Space
“We’re still pinching ourselves"
Password Must Include At Least One Shakespearean Sonnet You Haven’t Used Before
"Avoid passwords that can be easily guessed, such as Sonnet 18, which is pretty obvious"
Call Centre Receiving Unusually High Volume Of Calls For 4,563rd Day Straight
"We’ve been suddenly and unexpectedly swamped yet again"
Man Brings Book To Bed So It Can Sit Next To Him While He Looks At Phone
“Right now I’m not reading Jane Austin"