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Hospitality worker to use 40% of super to move into first car
"I remember getting paid super once in 2016"
Woman relieved she’ll finally be able to drain her super to help increase house prices
"I’m just pleased there’s a party out there that will give me an opportunity to fuck up my future while contributing to the nation’s housing affordability crisis”
Mate who owns Bitcoin reckons he’ll be able to retire by age 85
"It's totally changed the way I think about wealth creation"
Greens voter exhausted from constantly being right
"It takes its toll"
Child has tray of muesli and milk to spill all over your bed
“There's nothing more fun than eating lying down"
“But interest rates were 17% in my day!” complains man who bought house for $67,000
"We had to save up for weeks just to get a deposit!"
Calls to scrap mandatory requirement to post photo of COVID test on social media
"We need to free people up to do other things"
Family to spend $4.75 petrol excise windfall on buying half a broccoli
"We're splashing out!"
Conversations About House Prices Up 23%
"There's no sign of a slowdown"
Worker celebrates creation of 8-hour workday by working 12-hour public holiday shift
"It's what Labour Day is all about!"
Man saving up for tank of petrol
"It's the most expensive thing I'll buy this year".
Local grade 3 kid has some RATs if you’re buying?
"You won’t find this shit at Chemist Warehouse"
Inner city Greens voter disgusted Scott Morrison doesn’t know a loaf of bread costs $14
“Next you’ll tell me he doesn’t know a litre of milk costs $11.50"
Boomer disappointed to learn that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell songs have been removed from his records
"Something to do with a bad Rogan josh experience apparently"
Fears many young Australians may never own their own RAT
"A friend of ours inherited a RAT from their parents"