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Password Must Include At Least One Shakespearean Sonnet You Haven’t Used Before
"Avoid passwords that can be easily guessed, such as Sonnet 18, which is pretty obvious"
Call Centre Receiving Unusually High Volume Of Calls For 4,563rd Day Straight
"We’ve been suddenly and unexpectedly swamped yet again"
Man Brings Book To Bed So It Can Sit Next To Him While He Looks At Phone
“Right now I’m not reading Jane Austin"
House Floating Down Sydney Street Sells For $3 Million
“You won’t find a 3-bedroom terrace in Sydney for less than this"
The Shocking Link Between Sultanas And Car Crashes
Did you know 88% of people involved in car accidents ate sultanas as children? The evidence is overwhelming and Big Sultana has done nothing to stop it. Time to ban sultanas. Read the full article here
Santa’s Workshop
Santa and his elves are hard at work making toys this year, but after months of people being stuck at
Fast Fashion Crackdown
Fast fashion finally gets the takedown it deserves. This is part of the War On 2020 series, a collaboration between
Symbolic Gesture Day
Have you posted a black square to your social media? Put a filter on your Facebook icon? Well now there’s
COVID wasn't the only pandemic that swept the world this year
QAnon Anonymous
For people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including … wait for it …
The Contact Tracies
With COVID spiralling out of control the Health Department has recruited the best contact tracers money can buy - two teenage girls
Oxford Dictionary Reveals 2020 ‘Word Of The Year’
‘Fuck, really?’ has been named the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2020.
Young Couple Who Work At Google Already Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
"I’ll say ‘What is …’ and Jack will say ‘Dwayne Johnson’s net worth'. He just knows".
Scott Morrison’s 5 Tips For Surviving Hotel Quarantine
1. Ask for a 40-room suite: You’ve probably heard the horror stories of families cooped up for two weeks in a 12 square metre studio apartment without a window. Easy mistake to make. Had they asked to be upgraded to ‘The Lodge’ they would’ve had plenty of space to spread out and get out of each other’s hair. When you’ve got a different bathroom for each day in quarantine, it makes the whole thing a little more interesting
Locked-Down South Australians Excitedly Await Unsolicited Advice From Victorians
“I won’t be able to leave my apartment for a week, but on the plus side I’ll be able to hear about how much harder it was in Melbourne"