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Local News

Local grandma excited that The Voice is being added to the Constitution
"What an honour for Guy, Jessica Keith and the team"
Airbnb that family booked doesn’t have as many perks as hotel, but on the plus side it’s more expensive
“You have to bring your own towels. But at least there’s no free breakfast to worry about"
Non-biodegradable plastic bag magically transformed into environmental marvel after ‘Reuse me’ written on front
"It's a totally new bag"
TikToker displays random act of kindness by not filming stranger
“It was so unexpected. What a lovely surprise"
Telescope’s photo from 5 billion light years away clearer than boomer’s photo from 1 metre away
"The images may have included trees, roads and the tops of people's heads"
Crypto bro who ‘retired at 25’ just working 40hrs a week at Macca’s for fun
"I totally don't have to do it if I don't want to"
Fruit & veg prices soar at local grocery store
"Everything's going up"
Local nurse pays more tax than mining company
“As the financial year ends, it’s reassuring to know I again paid more tax than a company with a turnover of $7 billion”
Man demands 4 personal staffers to work out how to use MyGov
“You have a new message in your MyGov inbox"
Rupert Murdoch already has a new Tinder profile
"If you're interested, leave a voicemail on your own phone and I’ll listen to it"
Patriotic man to stay in bed today to help nation conserve energy
"Just want to do my bit for the national grid"
Tradie says cost to install new tap will be $25,000
"I can squeeze you in some time next October"
Young couple saving for deposit on first iceberg lettuce
"We'll move in with Liam's parents while we save up"
Hospitality worker to use 40% of super to move into first car
"I remember getting paid super once in 2016"
Woman relieved she’ll finally be able to drain her super to help increase house prices
"I’m just pleased there’s a party out there that will give me an opportunity to fuck up my future while contributing to the nation’s housing affordability crisis”