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south china sea
China To Exit South China Sea, After Linchpin Stands Down
Saying they no longer had the support of people in powerful places, the Chinese Government have announced that they will
man south china sea
Man Prepared To Say Whatever China Wants About South China Sea If They’ll Pay His Credit Card Bill  
Melbourne man Rob Nailsworth says he has a very open mind about the South China Sea and a niggling MasterCard
george brandis diary
“I Can’t Find The Key To My Diary” George Brandis Claims
Labor’s hopes that it will finally be able to read the contents of Senator George Brandis’s diary have been dashed, after Mr
Hanson Abbott
PM Agrees To Give Nation Sick Day On Monday To Recover From Watching Abbott/Hanson Video
Malcolm Turnbull has suggested all Australians spend a day resting up on Monday, to ensure that the nausea caused by
Sam Dastyari satire
“I Am In No Way Influenced By Foreign Funding,” Chinese Government Tells Sam Dastyari To Say
“I make my own decisions, with absolutely no influence from anyone else,” a leaked set of notes compiled for Sam Dastyari
cory bernardi
Compromise Solution: Turnbull To Keep 18C, Bernardi To Keep Being A Knob
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has reached an in-principle agreement that would see Cory Bernardi drop his 18C private
pokemon go running low
World Running Out Of Pokémon, Environmentalists Warn
The world is down to its final few hundred Pokémon, environmentalists have revealed
mike baird socks
BREAKING: Mike Baird Bans Socks
Socks will no longer be able to be worn in Sydney after 10pm, following a new law introduced by Premier
kitty chiller
All Australians To Be In Bed By 9:30pm Tonight, Kitty Chiller Advises
Australians must be in their beds, teeth cleaned, by no later than 9:30pm the nation’s Olympics chief Kitty Chiller has
Barnaby Joyce Volunteers To ‘Look After’ Pistol & Boo, Following Depp, Heard Divorce
The Deputy Prime Minister has put his hand up to help out in whatever way he can, after celebrity couple
peter dutton defamed
“We Can No Longer Turn A Blind Eye To The Abuse That I Am Experiencing”: Dutton
Saying he would ‘not be defamed’, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this morning told the ABC that it is time for
triple jump league
World’s Top Triple-Jumpers Snub Olympics In Favour Of Lucrative Local League Contracts
In a blow for triple jumping fans, some of the sport’s biggest stars will miss the Rio games, in another
peter dutton nauru
Nauru Files To Be Taken To Nauru For ‘Processing’
2,000 leaked incident reports from the Nauru immigration detention centre have been shipped to Nauru by the Australian government, so
sophie mirabella indy
Mirabella Says Election Loss Deprived Wangaratta Of $10 Billion Iron-Ore Mine
Former Coalition MP Sophie Mirabella told a gathering today that by voting for independent Cathy McGowan, voters in Indi missed
census bethlehem
ABS Considers Reverting To Traditional Method Of Holding Census In Bethlehem
Australians would be asked to travel to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem under a new simpler census mechanism currently being considered