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tony abbott
Tony Abbott Confident He’ll Lead Liberal Party Until At Least 1959
Dismissing leadership speculation as ‘nonsense’, Tony Abbott says he is determined to lead the country well into the last century
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Wakes With Nagging Feeling He Gave A British Monarch A Knighthood Yesterday
Prime Minister Tony Abbott woke up this morning with a thumping headache and a vague recollection of awarding a racist
knighthood tony abbott
Knighthoods Actually A Real Policy
Prime Minister Tony Abbott wasn’t joking when he announced plans to reintroduce Knights and Dames last year, it has emerged
campbell newman
Campbell Newman’s Defamation Lawsuit Accidentally Written On Acland Mine Letterhead

The 35-page defamation suit brought by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman against radio shock-jock Alan Jones was mistakenly printed on New
Government To Legislate Against Further Temperature Rises After Record Hot Year
With 2014 confirmed as the hottest year globally, and the third hottest in Australia, the Government has taken a decisive
Joe Hockey budget
Joe Hockey Says Australians May Live Long Enough To See Him Pass His First Budget
Advances in science and medicine mean Australians may live to 150 – long enough to see the Government pass the
women carbon tax
How The Abolition Of The Carbon Tax Changed My Life: Australian Women Share Their Stories
It’s the Government’s biggest achievement for women this year. We asked a group of Australian women to share their own
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison Looking Forward To Managing Portfolio That’s Responsible For Human Beings
Scott Morrison says it will be an exciting and invigorating new challenge to work with real people again, after more
David Leyonhjelm
Gun Crime Would Be Lower If We Followed Example Of Nation With Highest Gun Crime, Says Senator Leyonhjelm
If Australia had more guns, we would have fewer shootings, just like they do in America, Liberal Democrat Senator David
bill shorten
Parents Weighing Up What Age To Tell Children That Bill Shorten Doesn’t Exist
Parents around Australia are wondering how long they should let their kids keep believing Australia has an Opposition Leader
tony abbott sexism
Tony Abbott Asks Housewives Of Australia To Help Him Iron Out Sexism Issues Within Government
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has labelled the criticisms of Peta Credlin coming from within his Government as sexist, and asked
joe hockey satire
Joe Hockey Has Full Support Of Tony Abbott’s PR Strategy
The Prime Minister’s Public Relations strategy says Joe Hockey is doing a tremendous job and is set to become one
pyne and palmer
Pyne To Use Giant Laxative To Un-Block Senate
Education Minister Christopher Pyne will slip an entire jar of Metamucil into the Senate coffee urn this morning, in order
Tony abbott computer
Abbott Switches Government Off And On Again
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has switched off the government at the wall, waited ten seconds, and then switched it on
victorian election
Victorians Dump Whatshisname, In Rousing Victory For That Other Guy
Victorians voters have sent an unequivocal message to the Liberal guy: ‘We want the other one’