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Tony Abbott beer
I’m Just An Ordinary, Beer-Drinking Bloke, Says Man Who Also Eats Onions
A Sydney man who was eager to show everyone how normal he was by knocking back a beer, also eats
Tony abbott crying
Little Boy Not Giving Victoria Its Funding Back Until They Let Him Play With His Cars
A fifty-seven year-old little boy says he will keep Victoria’s transport funding locked up in a secret box underneath his
Western Australia Threatens To Secede From Rest Of Reality
The Western Australian Liberal party says its state may withdraw entirely from the real world if it doesn’t get a
anti vaxxers
Anti-Vaxxers Relieved They’ll No Longer Have Dirty, Toxic Childcare Benefits Injected Into Their Bank Account
In a win for anti-vaccination campaigners, advocates will no longer be forced to expose their bank accounts to the potentially
stop the boats movie
Travelling To Australia Is A Bit Treacherous, Says Movie Targeted At People Living In War Zones
A multi-million dollar movie funded by the Australian Government will point out to people facing imminent attack from the Taliban and
tony abbott
Abbott Vows To Stop The Human Rights Smugglers
The Coalition is the only party with a workable plan to stop the influx of human rights onto Australian shores,
Tony Abbott April Fools
Government Releases Fair, No-Surprise Budget In Hilarious April Fools Gag
Challenging claims he lacks a sense of humour, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today released an ‘updated’ budget that spreads spending
gmail and hotmail metadata
New Metadata Laws Force Local Terrorists To Use Obscure Offshore Communication Systems
The net has further tightened around Australia’s terrorist cells, with new metadata laws likely to force them onto obscure offshore
joe hockey age of entitlement
“The Age Of Entitlement Is Actually 49”, Hockey Admits
Treasurer Joe Hockey has corrected an earlier statement, conceding that The Age of Entitlement is in fact 49, not ‘over’
Julie Bishop working with children
Julie Bishop Uses Lull In Question Time To Fill Out Working With Children Application
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was spotted busily filling out her ‘Working With Children Check’ application form today, during a lull
george brandis metadata
George Brandis Quietly Shitting Himself After Passing Metadata Legislation He Doesn’t Remotely Understand
Wearing a nervous smile and trying to conceal the sweat building under his glasses, Attorney General George Brandis was today
Christopher Pyne
At 9am This Morning Christopher Pyne Started Singing ‘I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves’. He Won’t Stop Until His Education Reforms Are Passed
In what may well be his most sophisticated negotiation tactic yet, Education Minister Christopher Pyne this morning staged a lock-in
george brandis bookshelf
Taxpayers Forced To Fund Lifestyle Choice Of Small Group Of Australians
Australian taxpayers are footing the bill for services and privileges provided to a relatively small group of citizens living in
tony abbott
Tony Abbott “Sick And Tired” Of Being Held To First World Standards
The Prime Minister is totally fed up with being bullied into meeting the expectations of morally-developed nations
budget paper edits
2014 Budget Now Just A Title Page And A Few Footnotes
The updated version of the 2014-15 Federal Budget fits on half a page