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New-Look Morrison Promises To Cover Up Rapes More Respectfully From Now On
“We all have to do better on how we cover up crimes"
“I Don’t Use A Desk, Mate”: Scott Morrison Refuses To Take Responsibility For Latest Sex Scandal
"Working is what other people do. I pose for photographs in sports guernseys and build cubby houses for my teenage kids"
Andrew Bolt: 7 Reasons Why The Desk’s Claim That It Was Masturbated On Should Be Questioned
"Why didn’t the desk report this at the time of the incident?"
Morrison Responds Decisively To Sydney Floods By Announcing Funding For Ark
“I’ve spoken to a lot of experts and it’s hard to go past Genesis chapter six, verses 14-22”
Use Of Sex Workers At Parliament House First Time MPs Have Ever Paid For Anything
"It may also be one of the rare times that the sex was consensual"
Morrison Sits Down With Wife To Determine Whether Masturbating On Female MP’s Desk Is Appropriate Or Not
"Jenny always has a way of clarifying things”
Scott Morrison Says He Wasn’t Aware Of Latest Sex Scandal Until February 2024
"I wasn't aware of a staffer masturbating over a female MP's desk until after the next Federal election"
NSW Residents Facing Fourth Once-In-A-Hundred-Year Event Since Last January
"I remember the last once-in-a-hundred year event like it was just last year"
Almost 90% Of Australians Have Now Received A Vaccine Announcement
Some Australians have received as many as 8,000 announcements.
Scott Morrison Calls Press Conference In Fighter Jet With Guy Sebastian To Announce Free Bunnings Vouchers For All Australian Women
“Jen tells me that some of you are a little angry right now"
Christian Porter Takes Mental Health Leave To Seek The Professional Legal Help He Needs
After a gruelling period in his personal life, Attorney General Christian Porter has taken ‘a few short weeks’ leave to
ABC Says It Doesn’t Have Time To Read The Defamation Proceedings Launched By Christian Porter
“It just doesn’t seem relevant or important"
IKEA Renames Its 3-Seat Sofa ‘The WA Liberal Party’ To Commemorate Historic Election Result
"It’s big enough to hold a full party meeting”
Christian Porter Agrees To Meet With March4Justice Organisers If They’ll Iron His Shirt First
"You’ll get to feel like you’ve been heard by the nation’s highest law officer and I’ll get some nicely pressed shirts"
Christian Porter Arrested After Robodebt Finds He Owes $6 On His HECS Bill
"It's important that we follow the rule of law"