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Pauline Hanson Condemns Use Of Term ‘Black Friday’, Saying ‘All Fridays Matter’
"We're in danger of being swamped by Black Friday sales"
OPINION: Scott Morrison Has Chosen An Odd Year To Take Off
Running the country hasn’t grabbed Morrison’s attention in the same way that, say, using a sexist trope to name a group of chickens has
Morrison Forced To Self-Isolate With Just His Closest Photographers And Image Consultants
"Creating relatable content doesn't stop just because you're in quarantine"
“When Will Daniel Andrews Take Responsibility For Hiring Private Security Guards In South Australia?”: By Peta Credlin
"As premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility"
Scott Morrison Praises SA Government, Saying They Made Right Decision To Be Liberal
"They've taken decisive action to be Liberal, and they will benefit from that decision".
Whoops! Federal Court Accidentally Fines Government Wrong Amount For Robodebt Compensation Claim
"It's based on complex maths that you wouldn’t understand"
Tim Smith Offers To Travel To South Australia To Help Undermine Response To COVID Outbreak
“Just let me know what your plan to get on top of this is and I’ll relentlessly undermine it"
Pauline Hanson Demands Borders Reopen So She Can Start Shitting On Immigrants Again
"I’ve lost my entire reason for existence"
“Let Me Tell You What Mansplaining Actually Means …” Scott Morrison Tells Journalist
"I’m happy to go through it again more slowly if you need”
Liberal Ministers Reaffirm Position That Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between A Woman, A Man And His Bit On The Side
"It's about giving a child a biological mother and father. And a step mother and a half sister,”
Claims Of Fraud At Australian Election After Man Tricked Into Buying Vegan Sausage
“My order was tampered with. I asked for pork, I got jackfruit"
Pete Evans Is On The Cover Of This Year’s Shovel Annual And He Looks Amazing!
The must-have souvenir for the year you'll be telling your grandkids about.
“If It Wasn’t For Multiculturalism, Melbourne Would Have Had Even Less Than Zero Cases Today”: Andrew Bolt
"While you’re out buying your vegan donuts, consider this. How much lower could those case numbers have been today if Melbourne had ended its dangerous experiment with toxic multiculturalism?"
Morrison Praises Efforts Of Victorians, Saying They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Him
"I dropped everything so I could start building a cubby house for the kids"
Berejiklian Blames Destroyed Documents On ‘Bad Relationship’ With Paper Shredder
“We’d been seeing each other on and off for about five years. It was his idea to destroy documents relating to $250 million in council grants".