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Government to allow Australians to dip into super to pay for RATs
"If you don't want to access your super, then just sell one of your investment properties"
Greg Hunt: “If RATs were free, there would be nothing stopping people just going and looking after their health”
"It would be a free-for-all"
Morrison finally responds to exploding case numbers by announcing delicious new korma curry
"This is one of my favourites"
Government to spend next 6 months deciding whether to reduce booster interval to 4 months
“In the middle of a rapidly-changing pandemic, it’s important that we don’t rush decisions"
BREAKING: Santa denied entry to Western Australia
He may be given a last-minute exemption after changing his name to ‘Kerry Stokes’
New ‘Honesty Box’ system – ATO to ‘trust Australians to do the right thing’
"It's time for Australians to take personal responsibility for the amount of tax they pay"
Australian Omicron cases could reach 68 million a day, online expert warns
"Give or take 68 million"
Morrison forgets to buy family presents, announces that he’s bought them anyway
"I have bought 10 million Christmas presents, which will arrive this week"
“We’re not at all concerned about independent candidates”, all 112 Coalition MPs say in carefully-coordinated daily messaging campaign
"Is there an independent running is there?"
2019 ‘election miracle’ actually just shit-tons of dodgy cash
"Isn't God amazing!"
PM slams Palaszczuk after Pat Cummins ruled out of Adelaide Test
"The Queensland Premier should never allowed this to have happened"
Dutton demands access to Santa’s ‘naughty and nice’ list
“If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about"
Children tell Santa they’ve been a ‘marginal Liberal electorate’ this year, in hope of getting more presents
"Dear Santa, I've been a good little Liberal electorate on a margin of less than 5%"
Government goes on Christmas shopping spree to accrue more ‘Labor Debt’ for 2022
"We will declare a ‘budget emergency’ the second Labor get into power"
George Christensen given 17th and 3rd final warning
“One. Two. Two and a half. Two and three quarters"


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