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Minutes before being scrapped, COVIDSafe app reveals there was outbreak on Ruby Princess in March 2020
"All close contacts should self-isolate immediately"
Centrelink to start asking unemployed why they haven’t accepted trade posting from Perrottet government yet
"Claiming you don’t have the correct skills or experience will not be considered a valid excuse"
“It’s not corruption if you fuck it up,” says Matthew Guy
"We simply don't have the talent to pull something like this off"
Barilaro assures inquiry he wouldn’t have accepted Trade posting if he was aware he’d be caught
"How could I know my actions would have consequences?"
Ambitious new target to see 43% of all MPs correctly pronouncing ‘nuclear’ by 2050
Some have labelled the target unattainable
Dutton calls for sensible debate about installing rooftop nuclear reactors on every home
“It’s time to have an honest conversation about splitting atoms on suburban rooftops”
Senators complain about being forced into daily acknowledgement of Pauline Hanson
"She serves absolutely no purpose"
Positive start for Dutton, graph in The Australian shows
"Albanese is in a bit of early trouble, as we expected"
Little baby unable to sit through entire parliamentary session
"I want some attention!"
Morrison defends skipping Parliament, saying he can continue to not work remotely from Tokyo
"These days technology means you can not work from anywhere"
Qantas to fight foot and mouth disease by losing every piece of luggage from Indonesia
"Screening at airports is great, but we wanted to ensure nothing slips through the cracks"
Dutton returns from Gilead study trip with new ideas to revitalise Liberal party
"They're doing a lot of exciting stuff over there"
Goldman Sachs announces surprise $60 billion profit after Josh Frydenberg joins firm
“And then one of the interns looks at me as says ‘Frydo, you’re looking at the spreadsheet upside down’. Whoops!" Still new to this economics thing".
Victoria, NSW neck-and-neck in thrilling Corruption State of Origin
"Victoria has hit back after NSW gained an early lead"
IKEA releases exciting new range of ‘Stackable ALP Branches’
"The perfect way to get your house or political party under control".