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Tradies Send In Apprentice Protesters After Realising Turning Up Every Day Is Too Much Work
“Hold the fucken’ sign higher, you dickhead!”
Morrison To Wait For Focus Group Research Before Deciding If He’s For Or Against Extremist Riots
"Let's wait and see if they live in a marginal electorate first"
“Fuck the rules!” say men wearing Government-mandated high visibility clothing designed to reduce accidents on building sites
“No-one tells me what to do!”
Peter Dutton Relieved Melbourne Streets Finally Free From African Gangs
Matthew Guy warned African gangs may return before the next election
Morrison On Melbourne Earthquake: “Gladys Berejiklian Would Never Allow An Earthquake To Happen In Sydney”
"Once we've assessed the damage in Melbourne, we'll get funds to NSW immediately"
The Melbourne Protesters Have Released Their Full List Of Demands
“Why does Jasmine get to stay up later?”
Pfizer To Be Approved For 5-11 Year Olds In The US Next Month, Meaning It Could Be Available In Australia As Soon As 2032
"This is exciting news for thousands of unborn Australians"
Union Claims Protesters Weren’t Real Tradies: “There’s No Way They’d All Turn Up On Time”
"Our members are aiming to be there between 6am and 4pm today, but more likely Thursday or Friday"
A Statement About Our Donation To Christian Porter’s Blind Trust
We’ll be honest, we didn’t expect it to work quite so quickly
Morrison To Investigate Claims There Are Ministerial Standards In His Government
“I have not seen any evidence of the standards myself, but others may have"
TGA Demands Halt To Craig Kelly Texts, Citing ‘Seriously Misleading’ Assumption That Anyone Gives a Shit What He Thinks
"Nobody cares"
LIVE PICTURES: Melbourne Construction Workers Protest Against Tea Room Closures
“I wan … I want m .. my cuppa. Give me my cuppa!”
Australians Wishing They Could Forget Scott Morrison Too
"Nice for some, isn’t it"
New Submarine Deal Mainly Just Expired Subs From Poland, New Detail Shows
"We are at the front of the queue"
Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30
"This is not an invitation to stay up all night"