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Berejiklian Blames Destroyed Documents On ‘Bad Relationship’ With Paper Shredder
“We’d been seeing each other on and off for about five years. It was his idea to destroy documents relating to $250 million in council grants".
Morrison Drops Investigation Into Aus Post CEO After She Agrees To Gift $1 Million To Mosman Rowing Club Instead
“The helicopter pad is in need of repair and the chesterfields need reupholstering"
Morrison Offers Albo $100 To Stop Asking Questions About Anti Corruption Commission
Discreetly slipping an envelope across the question time despatch box, Scott Morrison today told Opposition leader Anthony Albanese that he’d make it ‘worth his while’ if he stopped asking questions about why a federal anti corruption commission hadn’t been set up yet
Government Launches New Track & Trace App, To Find Out What Happened To COVIDSafe App
"No-one has been within a mile of COVIDSafe since April"
Sydney To Open Lockdown-Themed Amusement Park For New Zealanders Who Want The Full Melbourne Experience
"It's time to just accept that people prefer Melbourne"
Apart From Quarantine, Border Control, Aged Care, Welfare And Social Services, COVID-19 Isn’t A Federal Government Issue, Morrison Says
"Apart from our constitutional requirement to control borders, air travel, quarantine policy, aged care facilities, social services and welfare, it's not really our responsibility I'm afraid"
Criminals Have Started Using The COVIDSafe App, To Ensure They’ll Never Be Traced By Authorities
"It's the perfect way to slip through the cracks"
Everyone In Contact With Berejiklian Over Past 5 Years To Distance Themselves Immediately
In keeping with NSW’s ‘gold standard’ contact tracing system, anyone who has had contact with Gladys Berejiklian over the past 5 years will now distance themselves immediately
Understanding Government Spending In Australia
There’s been a bit of confusion lately about the difference between a government surplus and a government deficit, and how that relates to good economic management in Australia. This simple economics lesson from The Shovel explains how it works
Morrison Defends Lack Of Money In Budget For Women: “It Simply Isn’t Possible To Cater For Every Single Minority Group”
“We don’t have an endless pot of money;
Frydenberg Starts Budget Speech With Reminder That All Figures Are Correct To Closest $60 Billion
"With a small rounding error here and there, these figures are absolutely accurate"
“Frydenberg Panicking After Being Knocked Back For $213 Billion Payday Loan
“No, you can’t just ‘Nimble It'”
Government To Stimulate Economy With Extra $200 Million For ‘Whatever Racket Angus Taylor’s Into Right Now’
"The most efficient way to get the economy going is through a scheme that Angus Taylor has some shady connection to"
Regular ‘DIY Dad’ Scott Morrison Builds Coal-Fired Power Station In Backyard
“Name me an Aussie Dad who isn’t into DIY or captured by the fossil fuel industry? I’ll wait.”
Scott Morrison Has Just Released His Tax Return, And It’s A Little Bit Odd
Mr Morrison's financial statement seems to suggest he may not quite understand how the economy works