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Rupert Murdoch already has a new Tinder profile
"If you're interested, leave a voicemail on your own phone and I’ll listen to it"
Minimum wage worker celebrates $1-an-hour raise by buying 450ml of petrol
"We'll be loosening the purse strings tonight!"
Tradie says cost to install new tap will be $25,000
"I can squeeze you in some time next October"
Mate who owns Bitcoin reckons he’ll be able to retire by age 85
"It's totally changed the way I think about wealth creation"
“But interest rates were 17% in my day!” complains man who bought house for $67,000
"We had to save up for weeks just to get a deposit!"
Man uses $250 cost-of-living payment to buy 4-pack of capsicums
"Fuck it, I'm going to splurge"
Conversations About House Prices Up 23%
"There's no sign of a slowdown"
Man saving up for tank of petrol
"It's the most expensive thing I'll buy this year".
Inner city Greens voter disgusted Scott Morrison doesn’t know a loaf of bread costs $14
“Next you’ll tell me he doesn’t know a litre of milk costs $11.50"
Man contracts, then recovers from COVID while waiting in testing line
"By day 14 I was pretty sure I was clear"
Man Brings Book To Bed So It Can Sit Next To Him While He Looks At Phone
“Right now I’m not reading Jane Austin"
QAnon Anonymous
For people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including … wait for it …
The Contact Tracies
With COVID spiralling out of control the Health Department has recruited the best contact tracers money can buy - two teenage girls
Margaret & David Review ‘2020’
Guess how many starts they gave it
Young Couple Who Work At Google Already Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
"I’ll say ‘What is …’ and Jack will say ‘Dwayne Johnson’s net worth'. He just knows".