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Man contracts, then recovers from COVID while waiting in testing line
"By day 14 I was pretty sure I was clear"
Man Brings Book To Bed So It Can Sit Next To Him While He Looks At Phone
“Right now I’m not reading Jane Austin"
QAnon Anonymous
For people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including … wait for it …
The Contact Tracies
With COVID spiralling out of control the Health Department has recruited the best contact tracers money can buy - two teenage girls
Margaret & David Review ‘2020’
Guess how many starts they gave it
Young Couple Who Work At Google Already Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
"I’ll say ‘What is …’ and Jack will say ‘Dwayne Johnson’s net worth'. He just knows".
Morrison Forced To Self-Isolate With Just His Closest Photographers And Image Consultants
"Creating relatable content doesn't stop just because you're in quarantine"
News Corp Folds After Running Out Of Things To Criticise Victoria About
"Without 89 think pieces shitting on Victorians, we didn’t really have any content”
Criminals Have Started Using The COVIDSafe App, To Ensure They’ll Never Be Traced By Authorities
"It's the perfect way to slip through the cracks"
Catholic Church Opposes Vaccine, Suggests Moving COVID To Another Parish Instead
“We’ve found it’s the most effective way of dealing with unwanted problems"
‘No One Tells Me What To Do’ Says Man Who Does Whatever Pete Evans Tells Him To Do
A man who hasn’t vaccinated his children, doesn’t believe in sunscreen and owns a $15,000 Pete Evans BioCharger lamp, says he is a free-thinking individual who will never be dictated to by others
Sign Our Petition To Stop TikTok Taking Your Data
Please add your name (and address, phone number, driver’s licence and marital status) to this important cause.
ABC Forced To Sack Proof-Readers Due To Liberal Party Budget Cunts
National broadcaster The ABC will axe up to 250 jobs, including sub-editors and proof readers, as it deals with bigger
Woman Complaining About Crowds Yet To Realise She Is Part Of Crowd
A Melbourne woman who posted an angry message on social media about the number of people out and about in
Man Working From Home Holds Useless 2-Hour Meeting With Himself
Saying he wanted to replicate the feeling of working from the office, Melbourne account manager Liam Hickey has set up


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