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Election 2022

Journalist asks Albo to recite names of every person who voted Labor
"How serious are you if you can't remember these basic details?"
Morrison escapes on holiday as nation experiences massive landslide
"Bushfires, floods ... now a landslide"
Featured Electorate: FOWLER (NSW)
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Albo phones Morrison to advise that unemployment rate is now 3.91%
"Just making sure you're across the latest data mate"
Scott blames Jenny for loss
"It was her idea to lose the election"
God delivers Morrison massive fucking loss
"I was bored and thought it'd be funny"
News Corp declares victory for Coalition
"When you change the proportions on a pie chart and ignore the principles of basic mathematics, Scott Morrison's government has been resoundingly returned"
Bunnings announces hostile takeover bid for all 8,000 polling booths to regain control of sausage sizzle market
"It's a natural fit"
Antony Green changes name to ‘Antony Liberal-Labor-Green’, to avoid perception of ABC left-wing bias
"I see he's chosen to preference the Liberals - interesting"
Morrison dresses up as Prime Minister in desperate last-ditch attempt to save job
With voters seemingly not convinced by his efforts to dress up as a hairdresser, welder, chef, truck driver, soccer player
Australians yet to realise they can have sausages in bread on 364 other days of Year
"Bullshit. Really?"
Morrison blames kid for soccer collision
"It’s not my job to be aware of every single 7 year-old on a soccer field during an important photo opportunity"
Featured Electorate: KOOYONG (VIC)
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The Shovel’s definitive profile of Anthony Albanese
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The Shovel’s definitive profile of Barnaby Joyce
"In 2019 Joyce was involved in a controversial Government purchase of $80 million of water. He later revealed it was to cure a thumping hangover"