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Man Worth $40 Million Hoping To Become Financially Independent
A British man worth around £30 million has announced plans to make it by on his own
Prince Harry Returns To Royal Family, After Trial At Starbucks Doesn’t Work Out 
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the royal family after Harry’s try-out at a Starbucks in Toronto didn’t
Westpac Asks If It’s Ok To Pay Fine With Briefcase Of Unmarked Bills
Outgoing Westpac chief Brian Hartzer has asked regulators if it would be ok to settle their impending fine for money
Woolworths Blames ‘Complicated’ IR Laws For Accidentally Paying All Of Their Senior Executives Correctly
Woolworths boss Brad Banducci says Australia’s complex and inflexible industrial relations system makes it nearly impossible to avoid paying senior
Mark Zuckerberg Forgets To Install Personality Update Before Facing Congress
This is the moment a panicked Mark Zuckerberg realised part way through a grilling in the US Congress that he
Man Who Has Secret To Making Millions From Property Investment Decides To Run Property Seminars Instead 
A Gold Coast man whose secret investment strategy will allow you to earn millions of dollars and quit your day
New Long-Term Airport Carpark Just A Short Flight Away From Terminal
A new long-term airport carpark – just 250km from the central terminal – is an easy 15-minute flight away, a
Apple To Remove Headphone Jack, Screen From Upcoming iPhone
Tech giant Apple has made the brave decision to remove all physical componentry from its upcoming iPhone 11, saying it
Taxi Industry Responds To Uber Air, Promising More Expensive, Slightly Dirtier Version Within Months 
Australia’s taxi industry has responded to the impending arrival of ‘aerial rideshare’ service Uber Air, saying it will launch a
Apple Scraps iTunes To Focus On Exciting New Ways To Lose Your Music
Tech giant Apple says it will phase out iTunes and replace it with three innovative new ways to totally fuck
Only 80% Of Australians Are Wellness Bloggers, New Jobs Figures Show
Surprising new employment figures released today have revealed that only four in five Australians have a wellness blog or app
Male CEOs Still Struggling To Break Through Glass Floor, New Data Shows
New employment data released today shows that many mediocre male CEOs are still unable to break through the glass floor,
New Anti-Vaccination Seminar To Cut Out Middle-Man And Just Inject Participants Directly With Measles 
Claiming to be the most efficient way to get information about not vaccinating your family, a new series of seminars
Facebook Outage: Panicked Users Unsure Who To Give Their Private Data Away To, As Outage Continues 
Thousands of Facebook users were today frantically looking for new ways to give away their intimate private data, as the
Millennials Not Graduating With Right Job Skills Says Boomer Who Can’t Use The Internet
Millennials are not graduating with the right job skills, a report commissioned by a group of CEOs who haven’t worked