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Anti-trust hearing cancelled after Google CEO starts randomly finishing interrogator’s sentences
“What do lions eat? What do graphic designers do? What does lmao mean? All great questions and thanks so much for your interest”
Apple has released a stylish new face mask for just $79 (official Apple-compatible straps sold separately for $12,000 each)
After a more sophisticated pandemic look? You might be in luck. Tech giant Apple has announced a sleek new facial
Silicon Valley Invents New ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ Button For Dealing With Climate Change
Developers in Silicon Valley have created an innovative new way to put off dealing with impending catastrophe, announcing a new
With Fewer People Doing Arts Degrees, Who Is Going To Stack Shelves At Coles And Woolworths?
Experts are concerned that a doubling of fees for Arts Degrees may lead to a shortage of people with the
Mark Zuckerberg – Dead At 36 – Says Social Media Sites Should Not Fact Check Posts
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – who died of coronavirus in his Californian home today – says it is not Facebook’s
In the interests of the health of its customers, McDonald’s has announced it will close all of its stores permanently
Saying the health of its customers was its top priority, McDonald’s has made the decision to permanently close all 970
Correct Pronunciation Of X Æ A-12 Is: “My · Pa-rents · Are · Wan-kers”
Experts have confirmed that the correct pronunciation of tech billionaire Elon Musk and singer Grimes’s newborn child X Æ A-12
LOL!! Man Who Doesn’t Pay Any Tax Asks For Government Bailout
In one of his most hilarious stunts yet, British man Richard Branson has asked the government to bailout his airlines
If Virgin Goes Bust, Australians Will Only Have One Airline That They’re Not Allowed To Travel On
There are fears today that the nation’s second largest carrier, Virgin Australia, may cease to exist, leaving Australians with just
Inspired By Pete Evans, We Created Our Own Machine That Cures Coronavirus  
The coronavirus is affecting a lot of people across the globe right now. While so-called ‘researchers’ are wasting government funds,
Morrison Delivers Rescue Package For Building Industry, Announcing Extra $2 Million For Scott Cam
The struggling building sector has been thrown a life-line, with the Government announcing it will expand Scott Cam’s careers ambassador
Jeff Bezos To Help Address Climate Change By Getting Environment To Work Harder
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says we should be getting an extra 6-7% efficiency out of the environment, minimum
George Calombaris Receives Emergency Government Assistance After Renaming His Restaurant ‘The Toorak Croquet & Duck Shooting Club’
George Calombaris’s restaurant empire has avoided going into receivership after being allocated a $10 million Federal Government grant to upgrade
Man Worth $40 Million Hoping To Become Financially Independent
A British man worth around £30 million has announced plans to make it by on his own
Prince Harry Returns To Royal Family, After Trial At Starbucks Doesn’t Work Out 
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the royal family after Harry’s try-out at a Starbucks in Toronto didn’t