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Christine Holgate Starting To Wish She’d Just Taken A Photo Up A Man’s Trousers
"If I had my time again I would’ve paid $26.7 million too much for land next to an airport, rather than $20,000 on four watches. I'd still have a job right now"
Welfare Recipient Down To His Last 193 Department Stores
“A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to live year to year, not knowing where your next $22 million cheque from the government is going to come from.
Dyson Launches New ‘Scott Morrison’ Range, “The World’s Most Impressive Leadership Vacuum”
"It doesn't do anything at all except suck"
Aged Care Home Announces Plans To Build $500 Million War Memorial, In Order To Get Proper Government Funding
"It will include a meals area, lawn bowls rink, movie theatre and 4,000 residential rooms".
Government Strikes Deal With Facebook To Restore News. Also Facebook Now Owns Tasmania.
Treasurer and master negotiator Josh Frydenberg has come to an agreement with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to return news to
Part-Time Employee Amongst First To Get Vaccine
A Sydney man who works Tuesdays through Thursdays was amongst the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, raising eyebrows within the health worker community.
Jeff Bezos Resigns From Amazon, Citing Appalling Working Conditions
"Whoever runs this place is a maniac!"
TRADE WARS: Kmart Australia Retaliates By Removing All Chinese-Made Goods From Its Shelves
"You can hardly notice the difference"
News Corp Folds After Running Out Of Things To Criticise Victoria About
"Without 89 think pieces shitting on Victorians, we didn’t really have any content”
Australia Post CEO Says Cartier Watches Were Posted In May, But Haven’t Arrived Yet
"The quickest way to get a parcel from Melbourne CBD to Carlton is via Brisbane"
EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Was Offered $130,000 To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, After Being Inside Trump
Trump ‘pulled out all stops’ to get the two together
Murdoch Shocked To Learn Of Trump’s Tax Bill: “$750 Is Extraordinarily High”
"I've never seen a tax bill that high before"
Westpac To Pay $1.3 Billion Money Laundering Fine Using Unmarked 100 dollar Notes
"Meet us at the bus stop near Martin Place at 9pm tomorrow night. No weapons”
“Customers won’t notice any difference”: Tiger Airways announces it will no longer fly
“We’ve made the difficult decision to continue the service levels that you have become accustomed to"
News Corp to spend next 15 years denying existence of James Murdoch
News Corporation-owned television stations and news websites will spend at least the next decade claiming James Murdoch is not real


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