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Morrison Acts Swiftly To Save Ansett From Total Collapse
Saying he wanted to get on the front foot before things got worse, Scott Morrison has announced a rescue package
Busloads Of Tourists Are Travelling To Country Towns To Spread Conspiracy Theories, Mate’s Dad Says
A mate’s friend’s uncle’s dad said that busloads of tourists are travelling to his small country town, spreading conspiracy theories,
Man Working From Home Holds Useless 2-Hour Meeting With Himself
Saying he wanted to replicate the feeling of working from the office, Melbourne account manager Liam Hickey has set up
back in black
Government To Fund Deficit By Selling 3.7 Billion ‘Back In Black’ Mugs
The Coalition says it will fund its $130 billion economic stimulus package by selling the remaining 3.7 billion ‘Back in
“America Is The Best At Coronavirus, It’s Incredible!”
“America is winning at coronavirus, it’s incredible,” the President has confirmed
Man Relieved That Company He Hasn’t Heard From In 5 Years Is Here For Him At This Difficult Time
Sydney man Jim Lecke says it’s a huge relief to know that an electronics retailer that he bought a charging
Australia’s Coronavirus Restrictions Explained
There’s been some confusion over the recent coronavirus restrictions put in place by the Australian Government. This simple list clears
“We’re Going To Beat Coronavirus By Easter” Trump Tells Heaving, Jam-Packed Rally
Two thousand Trump supporters have squeezed into a local basketball stadium to hear the President reassure them that they’ll have
Teenager Lectures Parents About Going Out All The Time
Astounded to hear her parents were heading out YET AGAIN tonight, Sydney teenager Lily Bertrand has told her parents they
Cruise Ship Of Asylum Seekers Arrives In Sydney
After years of failing to gain entry into Australia via small wooden boats, a group of 2,500 asylum seekers from
Prince Charles Confident He Can Continue To Do Nothing Via Video Conferencing
Prince Charles, who has tested positive for COVID-19 and has announced he will work from home for the next 14
20% Of Nation’s Elbows Have Coronavirus, Experts Confirm
One in five elbows have COVID-19, it has been confirmed
Angus Taylor Says Fact He Owns 2,000 Hairdressing Salons Is Total Coincidence 
Energy Minister Angus Taylor says there is absolutely no connection between his portfolio of 2,000 hairdressing salons and the government’s
Hairdressers To Remain Open Provided They Cut Hair From 1.5m Away
Announcing a range of tough new measures last night, Scott Morrison has declared that hairdressers and barbers can remain open,
Contagion And 5 Other Documentaries To Watch While You’re In Lockdown 
With more home-time on the cards, we’re all looking for new shows to watch. If you’re sick of make-believe dramas,