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Understanding Government Spending In Australia
There’s been a bit of confusion lately about the difference between a government surplus and a government deficit, and how that relates to good economic management in Australia. This simple economics lesson from The Shovel explains how it works
Morrison Defends Lack Of Money In Budget For Women: “It Simply Isn’t Possible To Cater For Every Single Minority Group”
“We don’t have an endless pot of money;
Frydenberg Starts Budget Speech With Reminder That All Figures Are Correct To Closest $60 Billion
"With a small rounding error here and there, these figures are absolutely accurate"
“Frydenberg Panicking After Being Knocked Back For $213 Billion Payday Loan
“No, you can’t just ‘Nimble It'”
Trump Rushes Back To White House To Immediately Get On With Ignoring Covid
"There's no time to waste"
Government To Stimulate Economy With Extra $200 Million For ‘Whatever Racket Angus Taylor’s Into Right Now’
"The most efficient way to get the economy going is through a scheme that Angus Taylor has some shady connection to"
Regular ‘DIY Dad’ Scott Morrison Builds Coal-Fired Power Station In Backyard
“Name me an Aussie Dad who isn’t into DIY or captured by the fossil fuel industry? I’ll wait.”
Trump May Not Be In A Condition To Govern, 4-Year Study Shows
"He has been unresponsive to those around him since January 2017".
EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Was Offered $130,000 To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, After Being Inside Trump
Trump ‘pulled out all stops’ to get the two together
Trump Hospitalised After Testing Positive For Racism, Sexism, Bullying And Pathological Lying
“He has been showing signs for many, many years"
Trump’s Medical Treatment To Be Capped At $750
"The last thing Donald Trump would want is to be a drain on the system"
Trump Refuses To Accept Result Of Covid Test
"It's a clear case of mail-in voter fraud"
Tributes Pour In: “Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With The Coronavirus At This Difficult Time”
“This terrible affliction spares no one"
Frantic Donald Trump Unable To Open Childproof Cap On Bottle Of Hydroxychloroquine
“All of the caps are glued on!”
Idiot! If Trump Didn’t Get Tested, He Never Would’ve Got COVID
“I’ve tried so hard to avoid it. I’ve done everything right"