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Romney: “Obama had an unfair advantage: policies”
Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has defended his campaign performance, claiming he lost because the race wasn’t run on a
Jesus satire
“Archbishop George Pell totally misunderstood my email” says Jesus
The son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, issued a statement this morning claiming Sydney Archbishop George Pell misinterpreted the meaning
Australian news satire
SHOCKING DISCOVERY: A Current Affair Uncovers ‘China Town’ In Sydney
Less than a week after exposing the alarming ‘All Asian Mall’ in Sydney’s North West, investigative news program A Current
Cruel Twist: Marijuana Legalised, But Cheerios Banned In Colorado, Washington
Just as pot smokers in Colorado and Washington were dusting off their bongs to celebrate their states’ recent legalisation of
Donald Trump to get penis surgically removed from forehead
Reality TV star and business magnate Donald Trump announced today that he will undergo surgery to remove genitalia from his
Paul Ryan
VP candidate Paul Ryan says he’ll go back to focusing on tennis career
After losing in his bid to be Vice President of the United States, Paul Ryan announced this evening (US time)
Australian political satire
Now Australian Labor Party faces ‘tanking’ allegations
With inquiries into the Melbourne Football Club’s alleged tanking continuing, it is believed the AFL has now widened its investigation
Aaron Sorkin reassures American liberals: “Don’t worry, I’m writing a backup plan in case Obama loses”
Acclaimed television writer Aaron Sorkin says he’s not overly concerned about the closeness of the polls for the upcoming Presidential
ballot box
Labor excises entire population from electoral roll
A day after announcing plans to remove the entire country from its own migration zone, the Labor Government has excised
New Yorkers stockpile food, water as fears of a Romney victory grow
Supermarkets shelves were stripped and gas stations sucked dry today as thousands of New Yorkers prepared for the worst. With
John Howard political satire
John Howard says claims that Asia is our closest neighbour are exaggerated
Former Prime Minister John Howard believes the attention given to Asia in a recent White Paper is misguided, saying that
Julia Gillard satire
Gillard outsmarts Abbott by having a baby
Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave birth to a baby girl this morning in a decisive move designed to put an
Kevin Rudd satire
Julia Gillard now almost as popular as Kevin Rudd’s cat
New polls released today show increasing support for Julia Gillard, with her rating as preferred Prime Minister fast approaching the
Alan Jones satire
“Wanted: 2GB Fact-Checker”. Can you pass Alan Jones’s recruitment quiz?
Broadcaster Alan Jones has started the search for an employee to check the accuracy of his on-air statements after yesterday’s
Lance Armstrong satire
Lance Armstrong to make a blood oath that he didn’t cheat (and store the blood in a bag for safe keeping)
Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s continuing denials of drug cheating accusations have, so far, failed to convince an outraged public. But