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PM says no other government has done more to combat the culture of sexual abuse that it created
“Where was Hawke when my staffers were masturbating on desks?"
Coalition to use $1bn fund to build world-class car park in Great Barrier Reef
"The investment will help protect more than 64,000 votes in Queensland"
Morrison: “I like to greet visitors with a smile. And a heavily armed Border Force”
"Manners cost nothing"
Harvey Norman wins $1 billion contract to fix Great Barrier Reef
"No interest, no deposit, nothing to pay for 60 months"
Fears many young Australians may never own their own RAT
"A friend of ours inherited a RAT from their parents"
australian flag cape
‘You can’t get more Aussie than this!’ says man wearing flag made in Guangdong Province
"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!"
“Australia Day: No-one can stop me celebrating the anniversary of Captain Cook’s 334 not out against the advancing Japanese troops at Gallipoli”
Gallipoli is one of the toughest grounds to play in the world. They don’t call it ‘The Kokoda Track’ for nothing
Furious protester demands to know what the fuck he is protesting about
"Enough lies. I want answers”
PM convinced people around him chanting “siuuu” not “boo”
“I’ve always thought of myself as the Cristiano Ronaldo of politicians"
Morrison confirms he couldn’t even be fucked pinching RATs someone else had ordered
“Sounds like hard work to me mate”
Morrison rejects criticism: “Don’t blame me, I didn’t do anything!”
“As the saying goes, failure to plan is someone else's fault, probably Labor’s"
Anti-vaxxers hold emergency meeting to prepare new excuses, after provisional approval of Novavax
"We're going to need some new conspiracy theories"
“Toddlers should be allowed to drive forklifts”, says toddler in charge of country
"If a child can operate a country, they should be allowed to operate heavy machinery"
Toddler masters big slide, ready for crane license, Morrison says
“I love forklifts and cranes”
Tonga tsunami crisis: Morrison commits one million curry recipes
"That's on top of the recipes already announced"

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