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Airbnb that family booked doesn’t have as many perks as hotel, but on the plus side it’s more expensive

The ‘character-filled’ Airbnb apartment a Brisbane family booked for their annual holiday isn’t as comfortable, convenient or hygienic as the hotel room they stayed in last year, but it’s just $120 a night more expensive, $220 if you include the administration and cleaning fee, dad Pete Atkins says.

“You have to bring your own towels and linen. But at least there’s no free breakfast to worry about,” Atkins enthused. “And while this particular Airbnb doesn’t have any spare sheets, it doesn’t have a functioning air-conditioner either. So that’s a nice surprise”.

Wife Ursula agreed. “You really feel like you’re really living like a local here. The shower doesn’t regulate properly, there’s a pubic hair on the toilet seat and the next-door neighbours won’t talk to us. But the best bit is the flexibility. When we arrive we can grab the keys whenever we want between the hours of 4 and 4:30pm”.

She said apart from the second bedroom, laundry, attic, living area and patio being marked as ‘off limits’ they basically had the run of the place. “And unlike a hotel there isn’t a pool or gym to worry about, so that’s great too”.

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