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Scientists hopeful James Webb telescope can provide clues about what the fuck happened to CovidSafe app

Scientists at NASA say they are still hopeful the super-powerful James Webb telescope will shed light on the fate of the Coalition’s CovidSafe app, despite unsuccessfully searching 500 billion square kilometres of space so far.

“Our aim is to learn more about how and why the app was formed, why it disappeared so quickly, and where it is now. We haven’t given up hope, there are a lot of galaxies we haven’t explored yet,” lead scientist Frederick Jameson explained.

But others are not so optimistic, with one scientist saying she was certain the app had always been a black hole. “It sucked in a lot of money, but nothing ever came out of it. In one sense I’m not sure it ever actually existed. Or, if it did, only in a very abstract way”.

The James Webb Telescope cost US$10 billion to build, around half the cost of the COVIDSafe app. Like the COVIDSafe app, the telescope has yet to identify any COVID-19 outbreaks.  

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