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Qantas introduces new ‘BYO Baggage Handler’ feature for customers who want luggage loaded onto plane

Saying he wanted to give customers more choice and flexibility, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has announced an innovative new feature that will allow customers to provide their own baggage handler on flights where they want their luggage to arrive at their final destination.

Joyce stressed that the feature wasn’t compulsory, and passengers would still be able to choose to have their luggage lost on route if they wanted to. “It’s about choice. We’re hearing from more and more customers that they want their baggage to come with them on their holidays, so we’re giving them the option for a just a $39.95 additional fee”.

He said that airlines were always adapting to match changing consumer needs. “We’ve reduced meal sizes to accommodate people who don’t like eating, we’ve allowed people to bring their own entertainment devices instead of providing them ourselves. This is no different”.

Under the plan customers will choose between a ‘Classic Fare’, which includes having your luggage left at the airport for free – or the ‘BYO Baggage Handler Fare’, which indicates that you will be providing your own staff.

If successful, Qantas will consider extending the program to include BYO flight attendants and pilots.

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