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Australia suddenly swamped by people wanting to be tortured on small island for three years

Thousands of asylum seekers have packed up their things and are headed for Australia after the Government announced it would allow the Murugappan family to temporarily return to Bileola after three years locked in a cage on a small island.

The move angered hardliners within the Opposition, who said there would be consequences for compassion. “This was a test of our nerve and we blinked,” one MP said.

“Now everyone is going to think that all they have to do to get into this country is spend 1,000 days locked up on an island without any social interaction, and then wait for their child to contract a life-threatening blood disease. Talk about rolling out the welcome mat.

“You can guarantee people smugglers will be ramping up their businesses again. It’s a pretty compelling sales pitch: all you have to do to escape torture in your home country is come and be tortured in Australia. We may as well just set up billboards around the world saying ‘come on in’. We’ve well and truly mucked this up”.

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