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There’s an unwanted bulldozer for sale on Gumtree if you’re interested

There’s an outdated, unwanted, coal-fired bulldozer being sold for parts on Gumtree.

The listing reads:

This is an outdated piece of demolition machinery and is being sold for scrap. Would be perfect if you just want something to use as a prop in a photo.Would be perfect if you just want something to use as a prop in a photo.

Please be aware that this bulldozer doesn’t currently work. It’s never previously worked either. (A lot of movement and flashing lights when you turn it on, but not really a lot going on under the bonnet).

– Genuine 1930s coal-powered engine

– Not suitable for working in natural disaster areas

– Comes with a free parking lot (yet to be built) and separate dirt unit.

– Effective at burying assault and corruption allegations etc”

When pressure levels get very high it may spontaneously cook a curry

Comes with hard hat and high vis vest. Hose not included

See the full listing

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