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Morrison dresses up as Prime Minister in desperate last-ditch attempt to save job

With voters seemingly not convinced by his efforts to dress up as a hairdresser, welder, chef, truck driver, soccer player and hundreds of other characters, a frantic Scott Morrison has told campaign staff he will pretend to be a Prime Minister today, in the desperate hope he’ll be able to keep his job.

Morrison said he was willing to play-act in the role for at least eight minutes – double the length of time he generally dresses up as a tradesperson for photo shoots.

“Today I won’t be pretending to fly an aeroplane or shear a sheep. Instead I’ll be pretending to advance the interests of the nation,” he told his staff. “Make sure there are plenty of photographers”.

Despite the move, senior Liberal Party strategists apparently warned against the stunt, saying Scott Morrison acting as a Prime Minister would not be believable to voters.

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