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Man uses $250 cost-of-living payment to buy 4-pack of capsicums

A Melbourne man has used the windfall from the Government’s ‘cost-of-living payment’ to buy a mixed pack of red and green capsicums from Coles, that were worth $3.95 this time last year.

With the one-off payment hitting bank accounts this week, Arjun Patel said he hadn’t felt this flush since the fuel excise cut saved him $4.91 on a tank of petrol.

“I’d been saving up for a capsicum for a while. So when the payment hit my bank account today I thought, fuck it, I’m going to splurge and get four.

“I feel very indulgent to be honest. This will sort me for fresh vegetables for at least the next three days”.

Patel said he had considered spending the money on luxury items, but in the end decided he couldn’t afford the iceberg lettuce he had his eye on.  “That’ll need to wait until I get a pay rise in 2030”.  


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