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Scott arrives to help with washing up that Jenny’s just finished

Swanning into the kitchen with a tea-towel over his shoulder, Scott Morrison today asked wife Jenny whether there’s anything that needs to be done to help with the cleaning up that’s she’s just spent the last 45 minutes completing.

“Any dishes to dry, a bench to wipe down maybe, some plates to put away?” he said, taking the tea towel off his shoulder and pretending to search around the kitchen for something to dry.

“Oh, you’ve done everything already? Must’ve just missed it, damn!”

As Jenny put the last of the dishes away, the PM said he was at his wife’s service. “You just let me know how I can help. Anything at all, I’m here to pitch in,” he said as his wife pulled the plug to empty the sink.

Scott said he would have done more but didn’t hear his wife’s constant requests for help over the past hour. “Oh really? I would’ve been there earlier had someone told me. Mustn’t have heard it over the TV, sorry love. I had no idea that we’d need to clear up after eating a meal”.  

The PM stayed for a quick photo shoot of him holding a tea towel before returning to the lounge room to watch TV.

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