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“Australia Day: No-one can stop me celebrating the anniversary of Captain Cook’s 334 not out against the advancing Japanese troops at Gallipoli”

OPINION: There’s been a fair bit of talk about moving the date of Australia Day recently. But these people don’t have any idea what they’re messing with. 26th January is sacred. Mark my words, it ‘aint moving.

Do all the complaining you want. But buggered if you’ll stop me celebrating Cooko’s triple century against a full-strength Japanese attack on a deteriorating Gallipoli wicket in ‘44-‘45.

It was the making of this country. Bob Hawke gave the nation a day off to celebrate. And yet here we are, trying to mess with it.

For those Australians, or should I say unAustralians, who don’t like it, it’s time for some truth bombs. Gallipoli is one of the toughest grounds to play in the world. They don’t call it ‘The Kokoda Track’ for nothing.

A three month journey on a tall sailing ship to get there. Uncovered wickets in those days as well. And despite everything that was thrown at him, our captain – Captain Cook – stood firm. Stood up, in fact, and said ‘No! We won’t pay our gold mining licence fee just because you tell us to’.

It was a turning point. An uprising. It forged the character of this nation. As Ned Kelly famously said about the game at the time, “I come from the land down under”.

But of course these whingers wouldn’t know that because they don’t study history. Don’t know the significance of that day. Don’t understand the blood that was spilled. And they never will because they don’t want to listen.


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