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Greg Hunt to continue to not buy vaccinations in retirement

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced his retirement today, but says he will still maintain an interest in not sourcing vaccines once he leaves the job.

“I still want to keep my hand in, that’s for sure,” Mr Hunt said, announcing his retirement from politics. “I’m not sure what that looks like exactly yet. It could be that I take up an advisory role for the Government, passing on advice on how to totally ignore emails from large multinational pharmaceutical companies in the middle of a global pandemic. Or I might consider a role in the private sector – I’m sure there’s a big demand for people who have experience not buying essential items in times of crisis”.

He said that while he wasn’t finished yet, after twenty years in politics it was time to slow down. “So it might mean that instead of not buying vaccinations five days a week, I might look to not buy them two or three days a week. We’ll see”.  

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