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Murdoch editorial explains which Premiers are doing a good job and which are Labor

A series of opinion pieces in News Corp mastheads have provided a detailed summary of which Premiers are bravely protecting their states from Covid-19 and encouraging economic recovery, and which Premiers are members of the Labor Party. 

The handy guides were based on rigorous research. “We looked through the record of each Premier, analysed their policies, assessed the effectiveness of their decisions and so forth. And then we ignored all that and just noted down what party they belonged to,” a spokesperson for the organisation said.

He said it was a very thorough process. “It’s incredibly rigorous. We check and re-check what party they belong to, to make sure we don’t accidentally criticise a Liberal Party policy. It’s an in-depth fact-checking process, to be sure”.

He said it can be easy to get caught up in false metrics of good governance. “But it’s important to remember what ultimately makes a good leader is whether they fit into the narrow, reactionary views of a billionaire media tycoon”.

By Callum Wratten

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