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Scott asks Jenny to clarify if protestors should call for Andrews to be hanged or not

Scott Morrison has not made a statement about this week’s protests in Melbourne because he is still waiting for direction from Jenny on the appropriateness of calling for someone to be executed.

Jenny – who has a way of clarifying things – is expected to express her condemnation of the right-wing protest in which an effigy of Dan Andrews was hung from gallows, but has been unable to catch up with her husband over the past few days.

“It’s just a case of clashing schedules, nothing more than that,” a spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office said. “They haven’t been in the same place at the same time over the last few days, so Scott hasn’t been able to get any direction on whether or not bringing gallows to a protest and staging a mock execution is appropriate. I’m sure he’ll have an answer in the coming days and we can all get back to talking about petrol prices”.

While he has yet to make a statement directly about the suitability of the protest, Mr Morrison did say that if you’re going to tow gallows to a protest, an EV probably won’t do the job.

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