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Morrison to keep close tabs on ABC to ensure no further political interference

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the ABC should be free from political meddling and announced that he’ll be keeping an eagle eye on the broadcaster to ensure unwelcome political views do not cause undue influence.

In a radio interview this morning, the PM said an independent national broadcaster is central to our democracy. “Which is why I’ll be spending a lot more time with the board, providing my ideas to ensure there’s no interference. The last thing we want is undesirable political views making their way onto our ABC,” he said.

The PM reprimanded the ABC for failing to uphold its independence from politicians, and said he had a list of ways it should improve. “I have many, many ideas about how the ABC can maintain its independence – and if Ita Buttrose isn’t aware of those now, then she certainly will be by the end of the week”.

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