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PM announces plan to capture carbon in a blind trust: “It’s the Australian Way”

The Prime Minister has told world leaders at the COP26 climate summit that his country will use a uniquely Australian method for reducing emissions which will involve large corporations making anonymous donations of carbon to a blind trust.

Scott Morrison said the plan was a game-changer because the amount of carbon that could be captured was totally unknown. “People like to set targets. But why set a target when you can set up a blind trust and shirk all responsibility? When it comes to these types of things, I’ve always thought it’s better to have as little information as possible”

He said the key to the plan would be a lack of transparency. “Under this plan we will have no idea how much companies have reduced their carbon emissions by. In fact, we won’t even know which companies have reduced emissions and which ones haven’t. I think that’s the kind of certainty world markets are looking for.

“It’s secret, it’s undocumented, it’s unique. It’s the Australian Way”.

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