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Morrison asks Dutton to move the motion that Emmanuel Macron no longer be heard

Scott Morrison was in a state of panic this morning after learning that his strategy to move the motion ‘that the Member for France no longer be heard’ had not worked.

Mr Morrison had earlier asked Leader of the House Peter Dutton to shut down debate, after French President Emmanuel Macron called the Australian PM a liar. But Mr Macron continued to talk, in apparent contravention of Australian Parliamentary conventions.

“This is not how it is supposed to work, Mr Speaker!” a furious Dutton said. “If someone starts saying something critical of us, I stand up like a ghoul and shut the whole show down. That’s the process. That’s how it works, Mr Speaker! But this Macron bloke is just saying whatever he wants – whatever he wants Mr Speaker – as if he’s allowed to. It’s simply not fair”.

Morrison told aides the situation was unacceptable. “I’m sorry, we can’t allow this. If people are allowed to just openly criticise us like this then our whole strategy crumbles. This is not how democracy is supposed to work for us.

“Who is this Macron guy anyway? Can we dig up some dirt on his family members? Organise an AFP raid? Where’s Rupert on this?”

By Jess Nicholson

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