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Loophole found in voter ID laws: ‘Just say you’ve donated to a blind trust’

A new bill from the Coalition that would require voters to show identification has hit a stumbling block, after legal experts discovered an easy way to subvert the requirement.

“All that voters would have to do is tell the polling booth worker they’ve donated $1 million to the blind trust of a cabinet minister and they wouldn’t have to provide any details about their identity at all,” constitutional lawyer Rebecca Herbert said.

“There would be no way for the AEC to disprove that assertion because there is absolutely no requirement to provide any detail whatsoever about the origin of dodgy political funding”.

She said it was entirely possible that all 20 million voters in Australia had contributed to a former Attorney General’s blind trust. “They could have. We just don’t know and it’s inappropriate to ask”.

She said people were right to criticise the proposed law, but were doing it for the wrong reasons. “People look at voter ID laws and say it will disenfranchise homeless people, those from lower social economic backgrounds and other vulnerable people, which may be true. But the real risk here is that it disenfranchises the most vulnerable people in this country – people who’ve donated to Christian Porter. They’re the people we need to protect, which is why these laws must never be passed”.

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