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Morrison says holding inquiry into Porter’s blind trust would be slippery slope towards politicians being held accountable for actions

Scott Morrison has defended his government’s decision to block an investigation into Christian Porter’s blind trust, saying it would set a precedent for political transparency.

Speaking at a media conference today, a defensive Mr Morrison said a line had to be drawn. “It’s a slippery slope. You allow this to go through, next thing you know people will expect politicians to be upfront about everything. That’s not sustainable.

“We need to be very careful here. Because once you investigate whether receiving a bag full of money from an unknown source is a bit dodgy, then all of a sudden you might be forced to find out whether I knew about bribes to marginal electorates, or why we paid 10 times too much for a piece of land owned by a mate, or why we’re obsessed with the coal industry.

“You have to think of the implications of something like this. You create a culture of transparency and next thing you know, you learn that those photos of me cooking curry are 100% fabricated and I actually played no part at all in prepar … oh shit, sorry, I wasn’t supposed to say that”.

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