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US ‘Declares War’ On Climate Change, Australia Immediately Agrees To Help Fight It

Scott Morrison has committed to achieving net zero by 2025 and says Australia will contribute whatever resources necessary to defeat climate change, after the United States declared war on the issue late last night.

Australia had been refusing to make any commitment to take climate change action, but made a rapid about face after President Biden’s announcement.  

In a televised address to the nation, Prime Minister Morrison said Australia stood side by side with its closest ally and was ready to act immediately. “This is a fight that affects every one of us. We stand ready and willing. Australia will do whatever it takes to help defeat this evil force,” he said.

The change in language from President Biden came after an aide suggested it would be the best way to get Australia to commit to a net zero target. “We were throwing around ideas of how to get Australia to play its part on tackling climate change, and an adviser says, ‘just say it’s a US-led war and they’ll immediately sign-up to do anything’. Even we were surprised by how quickly it worked,” a White House source said.

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