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Amazing! This Baby Born At The Start Of Victoria’s Lockdown Will Be Back In Time To Sit Year 12 Exams

Eighteen-year-old Jackson Thurgold, who was born at the start of Victoria’s short, sharp lockdown, says he is pleased the state will be opening up in time for him to sit his final exams next month.

“It’ll be good to see the school I went to. I might try and drop into see what my primary school looked like too,” he said.

Thurgold said lockdown 6 had had its ups and downs. “Remember when it looked like we might get out of lockdown early on? I think I was like 7 or 8 at the time, that was great. But the last nine or ten years have felt like a bit of a slog”.

He said it felt like the end of an era. “Mum’s always telling the story about how she had me on the same day that Dan announced the 7-day lockdown. And now, here we are all this time later and I’m finishing school at around the same time as lockdown is finishing. It’s a nice symmetry actually,” he said.

The year 12 student, who hopes to go to university next year, said there were a lot of people he was looking forward to meeting in person for the first time. “My best buddy from year three, my first crush from year 7 – there are a lot of people it’ll be great to see face to face. I’ve lost touch with some of my primary school mates from the early lockdown days, but hopefully we can catch up for a beer at some point”.

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