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Perrottet Launches New “Daddy Dom” Nickname, Forgets To Google It First

Looking to channel the success of other political nicknames such as ‘ScoMo’, ‘Albo’ and ‘State-Daddy-McGowen’, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet today told supporters they could refer to him as ‘Daddy Dom’, forgetting to first Google the term, or at the very least alert the NSW BDSM community.

The Premier realised his oversight after the bondage and sadomasochism community welcomed him into office as the first “sex-positive, conservative-Catholic premier”, sending a range of leather and latex gifts to mark the occassion.

Finally Googling the term and feeling crushed by Catholic guilt, Perrottet quickly tried to walk back the nickname, giving away free pizza to all voters in the hope that “Dominos Dom” might stick instead.

However, the move was too late with #DaddyDom already trending on social media, as more of his press conferences were uploaded to PornHub.

A statement from the Premier’s office was released today apologising to his supporters for the confusion. “Mr. Perrottet regrets informing the people of New South Wales that he is neither leather nor latex daddy. Although, figuratively speaking, he is certainly keen to fuck the state”.

By Chris Auld

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