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Rollout Of COVID Booster Riots Set For Early 2022

An expert panel of Australian fuckwits has approved the rollout of a booster dose of  COVID-19 riots as early as January 2022, with early rollouts expected for the severely inteligo-compromised before the end of this year. Advice is to be released later this month via Facebook pages and Telegram groups.

The technology underlying the booster riots is the same as other doses, including arguments that are just as tenuous and justifications unchanged since the beginning of the pandemic.

The government expects about 500,000 Australians to be eligible for the initial rollout of booster riots, with the severely inteligo-compromised prioritised. It is less clear how and when boosters will be administered among the rest of the population.

A spokesperson said the effects of the riots faded over time. “When you’re protesting against a non-compulsory vaccine, we do find that the attention seeking effects do wear off after a few months – which is why protesters will need to keep getting this top-up boost to their ego”.

Boosters can be booked through your local conspiracy theory group.

By Matt Harvey @mattharveystuff 

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