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Remarkable! NSW Health Advice Changes In VERY SAME WEEK That New Premier Starts

In a remarkable quirk of timing, the health advice related to COVID-19 in New South Wales has changed at exactly the same time that a new Premier took charge in the state.

“It’s an amazing coincidence,” statistics expert Jordan Reece-Smith said. “You can imagine that, like all new leaders, Dominic Perrottet would’ve craved an opportunity to stamp his own brand of leadership on the government. But of course that’s very hard to do usually in a pandemic when you’re following the medical advice. So for the advice to change like this, just a day after he started, really is an incredible piece of luck for him”.

A spokesperson for Perrotett agreed it was astonishing timing. “Dom was obviously going to see out the roadmap from the previous government, given it was based on medical advice. And then the advice changes just as he’s getting his new desk set up. What are the chances!”

Under the changes, the number of guests allowed in homes and outdoors has doubled. To accommodate, numbers at funerals have also doubled.

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