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World’s Longest Lockdown: Detention Centre Pips Melbourne’s Record By 2,675 Days

Melbourne residents were surprised to learn that a new record for days in lockdown set this week actually belongs to Australia’s asylum seeker detainees.

Detainees woke up to the new record and the recipient of the title of longest lockdown in the world when they passed 2920 days, or eight years, despite only a single case of COVID.

Under the rules of the strict lockdown, detainees are unable to travel beyond a 15-metre ‘bubble’, have a permanent curfew and can’t play golf. All pubs, nightclubs and restaurants in the detention facilities are closed.

Many have been confused by the lockdown measures, given some of the asylum seekers went into lockdown in 2013 – six years before the world’s first case of coronavirus was detected.

A spokesperson for the Australian Border Force said they were proud of the sacrifices detainees have made on their behalf, which had enabled the Force to remain in employment and had kept the private detention sector providers afloat.

Matt Harvey @mattharveystuff 

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