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Sky News Interviews Pauline Hanson About How Pauline Hanson Is Being Silenced

Following Jessica Rowe’s decision to take down her podcast with Pauline Hanson, Sky News has suspended regular programming until next Monday to discuss how the One Nation leader is no longer being given any airtime.

Along with special panel discussions, reports and to-camera op-eds, the network will run a series of interviews with the Queensland Senator to understand what it feels like to no longer have a voice.

“What does it feel like to be silenced? What do you do when you no longer have a platform? Tune in to our nationally syndicated news network to hear from Pauline Hanson herself,” a promo spot for the interview series said.

A spokesperson for Sky said few Australians truly knew what it was like to not have a platform to share their views. “Which is why we’ll have Ms Hanson on a range of shows and panels to understand exactly what that’s like”.

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